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Yesterday I was finally able to watch the One Piece RED Movie and I have to say this from the beginning I did not enjoy this movie as much as I did the last One Piece Movie. Even before I was able to watch this movie I was constantly bombarded with clips from the Movie where Shanks was displaying some Crazy HAKI and I kind of made an expectation in my mind that Shanks might play a key role in this Movie. But that wasn't the case and even though Shanks did show us a lot I was expecting a lot more. So that had me disappointed and also the fact that the storyline was a little weird for me as I couldn't fit the Movie into the One Piece Timeline properly.


The Movie mainly revolves around UTA who is the Daughter of Shanks and possesses the UTA UTA NO MI Devil Fruit which allows its user to transport people's consciousness into a Virtual Space by simply Singing and UTA wants everyone to stay with her in those Virtual Space forever which includes Luffy and his Crewmates as well. Even before the release of the Movie, there were two episodes where UTA was showcased to us in the Foosha Village which we all know as Luffy's Hometown.
The majority of the movie was spent on showcasing Uta's amazing Devil Fruit Powers which I will agree is freaking amazing as I said before I was waiting for Shanks and Luffy to bust out some Cool Moves and crush the NAvy Admirals but since that was only about 10 percent of the entire Movie I wasn't impressed a lot.


Now I have said a couple of times why I did not like this movie a lot but there were definitely a lot of things that I did like and I should point that out as well. There were a few things that I liked a lot and Animation was one of them as we see spectacular Animations throughout the Movie. The next thing that I loved was that this Movie had a lot of Songs that were incorporated beautifully into the Movie itself. The Movie also had a lot of other characters like Trafalgar, and Coby, which are some things that we love to see, and also Shanks which as I said before was freaking amazing and I can't wait for the day when we see Shanks go all out on someone.
Anyways this was definitely a Movie worth watching but the Story could have been more in-depth and in the rankings of all previous One Piece Movies, this is definitely not going on Top.


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