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It's been a Fantastic Year of 2022 and now we are greeted with a New Year in front of us and I am hoping for the best. It has certainly been a rollercoaster ride for me the last year as it had lots of UPS and lots of DOWNS as well. I visited many places and enjoyed many different Cuisines and even though I have yet to write about my experiences I have them lodged in my Memory forever and I am hoping I get to travel a lot this New Year as well.


Now usually New Year comes with a lot of Resolutions and Promises and yes I have mine as well but I will write them down in another post, today I went out with some of my friends to have some Booze and enjoy the night.

Even though we were late after work we went to a nearby Restaurant named THE MOTORIST INN which is a place I frequently visit as they have some Awesome Food as I have stated in the past. But today was a not-so-very pleasant experience as it's time for The New Year and a lot of people visited that Restaurant it was crazy loud and the experience was definitely not good.


We were seated in between two Families and Alcohol was definitely something that made both families talk things a little louder than usual. Personally, I like to have a calm atmosphere when I have some Booze but today was not that and a lot of Chaos was witnessed. I kid you not there was a Glass broken every 5-10 minutes and even one of my friends broke one so yeah the atmosphere was definitely a little Intoxicating in nature. But we had fund and that's what mattered the most, even when there was chaos we ensured to have our Time and go home safe and sound.


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