Bleach Thousand Year Blood War [SPOILERS INSIDE]

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Currently, I am watching Bleach Thousand Year Blood War and I have to say that on the one side I am happy to watch Bleach again but on the other side I am also kind of Sad that the story has taken such a turn of events. This is most definitely the end of the Bleach Series and will showcase some new form of Ichigo but the ending is just so sad man. It hasn't even gone through half the episodes and we have already seems two Gotei 13 Captains Die among those two is our beloved Kuchiki Byakuya and personally, I feel like that was so unnecessary. The Head Captain Died as well in the fight against the enemy and I am left wondering that even when they fought Aizen the scenes were not that brutal.

I will say that it is interesting to see Ichigo's Mother come into the picture as a Quincy and how Ichigo might develop a new sort of power very soon but all of this is greatly overwhelming for me by the deaths of the Captain. Even Zaraki Kenpachi was defeated and I really consider him to be one of the strongest. But there is one thing that I really want to see and that is the Bankai off Shinsui Kyoraku if this Season does not showcase his Bankai then I will really consider this Season to be not worthy of a Second Look, especially since they are going all in by even killing Captains so they might as well show us the BANKAI that even its user is scared of.

As of right now, the Anime is in the middle phases as Quincies destroyed the Soul Society and also killed several Shinigamis which also includes a couple of Gotei 13 Captains. It is kind of the Calm phase before the Storm arrives and I really want the Storm to arrive as I feel like this time the SHinigamis will be the ones attacking the Quincies in their own territory and there are a few people that I know for sure are going to go BERSERK.


These three are definitely going to wreak some serious Havoc once they recover and I just have Goosebumps thinking about what's going to happen next and I have my fingers crossed for that. There is also another Point of View which is of Ishida as I am pretty sure that he will be playing a key role as well but I am not sure how his role will act and what will it deliver. But I am excited.


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