🐬 Congratulations to this week's Dolphins (14th - 21st January)

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🆕 New Initiative

This is a new initiative run by @the-gorilla to congratulate the successes of others on the platform and to provide motivation and inspiration to those starting out on their journey.

All liquid rewards will be converted to SBD and used to promote these posts and content from each week's authors via transfers to @null.

If you enjoy this new initiative or can think of some improvements, please leave your comments below.

This took a little longer than expected to compile so any words of encouragement are welcome.

This week has seen 6 users reach next-level dolphin status, including 3 brand new dolphins.

Let's meet them and celebrate their achievement!

Undecuple Dolphin (11x🐬)

First up, is @steemkidss - the community account for the Steem Kids & Parents Community.

Steem Kids & Parents is a community with over 150 active authors, plenty of contests and plenty of engagement. At nearly 2.5 years old, the account and community have pushed to be the place to visit to discuss the daily rigours of being a parent.

Congratulations @steemkidss.

Octuple Dolphin (8x🐬)

Next up is @edgargonzalez, a user from Venezuela who has just celebrated 6 years on the platform - a milestone that passed without fanfare. There's plenty of fanfare around becoming an octuple dolphin - an incredible achievement.

Edgar'a an active moderator of 2 popular communities (Scouts y sus Amigos and Healthy Steem and also somehow manages to find time to be a Steem Representative.

You might suspect that Edgar will have little time for anything non-Steemit related but that couldn't be further from the truth. Where he gets his energy from is a mystery - but it certainly gives him plenty to write about.

Congratulations @edgargonzalez.

Quadruple Dolphin (4x🐬)

With probably the smallest photo that I will ever feature, our Ukranian friend @ir3k (Irina) has achieved Quadruple Dolphin status. Having joined Steemit in the middle of 2017, Irina will be one of Steemit's longest serving active members.

Now posting exclusively in the Ukraine on Steem Community, you can get to know her better through her semi-regular Diary entries.

Congratulations @ir3k.

🐬 NEW Dolphins!

First up, congratulations to @wakeupkitty - a user who first registered in 2018 who has fallen in and out of love with Steemit over the years. A FreeWriter and free spirit, I have little doubt that she will have found a long-term home in Steem For Ladies alongside her creative freewriting.

Our next new dolphin is another Venezuelan, @ciru2014 (Ciru). A member of every community that has been created on Steemit, you can't be sure where she'll pop up next. Venezuela, Colombia, Indonesia, Nigeria... she's not a user who'll pop in, write a single post and then log off - often sharing multiple posts per day.

Congratulations @ciru2014.

Last up, congratulations must go to another user from the Ukraine, this time @tinochka2. Another user from the Ukraine on Steem Community where you'll find her sharing a daily does of Ukranian life. As she says in her celebratory post:

The flock of Dolphins in our Ukraine on Steem community has been replenished with another Dolphin!

It's great to see so many community members growing together.

All images were taken from each user's profile picture


That's a very cool initiative! Hopefully, I will make it back to Dolphin status soon, as well... for the third time; previously had to power down once to keep our truck running, and once to pay our property taxes. Life is expensive!

Thank you, I’m glad that you like it. I’ll have to start preparing what I’ll write about you 😉

i went & visited each post with 100% effort - i enjoyed my little tour.

plus this



I’m glad you enjoyed your tour, they’re a nice group of users who I wasn’t familiar with 😊

Thanks for the delegation - I suppose this account should start voting for people now then 😆

I find this initiative very interesting, to recognize the effort made by the users of the platform to reach new dolphin levels.

I have been presenting a similar list for some time in Steem Magazine.

Steem Magazine - 29th edition


Cool, I’ll take a look at your magazine when I get some time 👍🏼

It looks like my list is incomplete as I exclude users who use voting bots or have active delegations to voting services… Thanks for referencing @clubdolphin in your magazine 👍🏼

I hope this post is generated automatically. If not, it will be too much work to constantly create them. But I definitely like the initiative.

I wish it was but no, it’s hand written. I was just thinking about how to make it easier to produce and I think that if I check for new dolphin posts every day, then I can write it during the week.

Was I correct in noticing that you’re not a moderator in “Ukraine on Steem”?

Was I correct in noticing that you’re not a moderator in “Ukraine on Steem”?

Yes, I am a moderator only at WOX.

I wish it was but no

You need to automate it somehow, like you did with curator-helper. If you do it manually, it will be too difficult and boring. Maybe a post listing the links to the posts made during the week in the tag #clubdolphin is enough?

Fortunately, there are only a few posts per week which I pick up through my interface. I found it interesting seeing people I hadn’t seen before so for now, I don’t mind doing it.

I also want it to be more personal than a list so that the people I write about feel valued and that their accomplishment is valued too. Also for others to see it and think “I want some of that”.

I think that so long as people interact and appreciate it, then it won’t become boring. Maybe it will, but hopefully not!

I will try to do well on the Steemit platform, maybe someday I will see my name here. Thank you very much for your work and positive thoughts. I wish you success.

What a wonderful initiative!!! Great to see people being highlighted like this! All the best and congrats to everyone featured!!!

Happy New Week!!! xxx

This post has been featured in the latest edition of Steem News...

Congratulations to them all.

You're in some kind of superhero mode with all these initiatives and working on the condenser. I really like your post with a personal touch; it has your element of gorilla-ness. The authors from the Ukraine community are really nice ones along with others.

Best of luck for all your initiatives and ventures, inside and outside of steemit! :)

Why I'm seeing this post when it's 9 days old? I'm catching up really slow. 🤨

Although this seems a lot of work... writing exclusively for each new dolphin. But I'm sure these users must have felt great with special attention.

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