The existing problem interface and a proposal to bring a network/community effect to optimize the existing resources

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#the1000daysofsteem has brought many popular campaigns like #thediarygame #theshoppinggame into this platform to make the things simple, to lower the barrier to entry, and to make this campaign a campaign for one and all, where the users can earn by writing as easy as a diary, or as easy as detailing their shopping activities with proof, to get a cashback through an upvote.

There are many other interesting campaigns in the pipeline and #the1000daysofsteem is surely going to surprise us many more interesting events as we progress.

It's worth noting that Steemit Team is constantly expanding the CR base. The long term objective is not just about joining the challenges and earning rewards through upvotes. Alongside, it is also about building communities and consolidating the resources so that by the end of the 1000 days we have powerful thriving communities that are self-reliant, sustainable and in an auto-pilot mode, may or may not need stimulus from Steemit Team.

Put simply the idea is more about decentralization, to create a network effect where the users in the communities support each other and sustain it in the long run.

The idea is to build the communities niche by niche. Then only the entire program and the 1000 days set up will look sustainable, otherwise, it will be a full circle when we end it by 1000 days.

The CRs will also be pivotal in building and strengthening the communities as I feel that they are the interface who connects the local talent to a global platform. They are also integral to 3Rs.

That said, this publication aims to highlight the existing resources, underlying issues, and proposed solutions to build a community and get it going by consolidating resources in one place, supporting each other, groom up the potential talents, improve the retention rate.


The existing resources & underlying issues

We have prepared a consolidated list of active users which we keep on updating each week. Based on that we have calculated the existing resources of this list.

S NoUsernameS NoUsernameS NoUsername


  • We found that most of the users are below 500 SP.
  • Most of the users are not even utilizing their SP, VP, possibly they believe that their upvote value is too less to count their time & effort.
  • Even if some of the users exercise their SP, VP, they fail to get better curation reward, sometimes no curation reward because if the post payout does not go above $0.02, they don't even earn a curation reward.
  • Some of the users have no idea at all on optimizing the existing resources.
  • There is a lack of collaboration and network effect in curation in the existing setup.
  • Even if each user start curating they may not earn better curation reward than a collective & community approach(Reason- Convergent Linera reward)


Proposed solution

To mitigate the existing problem interface, we propose to create an account( @bestofindia) and invite all the active users(of the list attached as well as anyone outside the list who wants to join us) to collaborate and delegate to a single account, consolidate the small amounts of SP mostly sitting idle/ineffective in different user's account to a single account so that we can serve better in terms of supporting their content with a better upvote value.


The users who will delegate (to @bestofindia) will also earn better curation rewards (due to convergent linear reward). Each month @bestofindia to distribute the curation reward to the delegators on the 8th.

@bestofindia account is not just a single account rather it signifies the community Best of India which has long term plans to identify potential talents, to groom up the talents in India, and also reward them in the long run.

It will focus on a range of reward schemes to make it lucrative for users. It will never fall short of extrinsic motivation. It will try its best to make them engaged, encourage them to remain consistent, and to add value to Steem Blockchain.


Community- Best of India

Best of India aims to construct a community through values, engagement, continuous improvement, a new dissertation of cultivating values with extrinsic motivation in today's tokenized social platform.

That said, the community norms & expectations will always be at play. @bestofindia will strive to fulfill & reward all the genuine effort by the members.

The community account will be @bestofindia. All the three CRs will have the absolute control of this account.

At the beginning (maybe for the first one or two months), the CRs will curate in the Best of India community and later on the curation will be done by the community members.

The CRs will lay out a framework of curation and based on that framework & guidelines the community members of Best of India will start curating. They will be given access to the posting Key of the Best of India account. Each month 4 different curators each week will curate the posts in the Best of India community. They will be rewarded separately for the assigned curation task.

The curator's job will not only be curating the post but also to guide the users if he finds the post inconsistent with the laid guidelines. The authors will still receive upvotes, in the beginning, we want o make it a ground for learning, improving each day with collaboration. But the users should also turn up positively to such an effort.

Best of India would encourage users to join Newcomers Community to at least pass up to Achievement 4, if not tasks 5 & 6.

The idea is to groom talents in such a way that they develop a sense of belongingness with Steem Blockchain, they understand the ecosystem very well, they engage consistently, and produce quality content.

The objective is to help the newcomers and existing active users to reach this first milestone of 500 SP and will also encourage them to remain staked with a long term vision(delayed gratification).

  • Best of India will create a pool of 1000 STEEM, which will be the minimum buffer at any given time.
  • All the CRs will set 10% beneficiary of their posts to @bestofindia. We don't make it condition for the community members, the CRs will take that responsibility.
  • The pool of 1000 STEEM will be used to pay salaries to the curators(curators will be selected from the community members), will reward the consistent users of the community each month, will also organize contests from time to time and reward them.
  • Project Affable will collaborate with Best of India to reward value engagement in the community, it will allocate a certain amount of fund to reward consistent engagement in the community (Project Affable will also continue organizing Engagement league globally each month).


Network effect in catering talents

Those who will get better in time in the Best of India community will mentor the Newcomers who will be joining each month and they will have additional privileges for this job. This process continues and each month we will produce some valuable community members who will keep helping each other, that we expand month by month, and create a great camaraderie in Best of India community.


Tangible Benefits of the proposed setup

At the moment the users are participating in different challenges of #the1000daysofsteem and accordingly receiving rewards from Steemcurator01 & 02.

From the community curation account, they are also being supported by Steemcurator07 for the general/dairy posts.

From engagement, they are receiving #onepercent #diarydoctor votes and also may potentially win in the Engagement league of project Affable.


Now with this proposed setup, in addition to the above, they will be supported with @bestofindia account. It may not generate a significant upvote value but better than what you are getting from the idle/ineffective SP of your account.

Each month you will also get curation rewards, with a consolidated fund in one account you will get a better curation reward(due to convergent linear reward).

It will be the community member who will be curating the other community members using the Best of India account. However for that, you need to have a better understanding of this ecosystem and initially, all the CRs will be at your disposal to help you reach that level. Once you gain some experiences & understanding, you will be assigned the job of a curator. You will also be earning additional perks for the job of a curator.



If we consolidate all the SP into one account, then the total SP will be 21819 SP.

Due to convergent linear reward lower SP generates much lower value and higher SP generates much higher value. So by consolidating the SP into one account, not only the lower SP account will start producing better upvote value, but also they will be earning better curation rewards.



@ayushikumari has 1525 SP. Her upvote value with full weight is $0.014

Now if she delegates to the @bestofindia account, and if the total effective SP of @bestofindia account is 21819, then the upvote value with the full weight of the @bestofindia account is $0.23

So the equivalent vote share of 1525 SP in @bestofindia account is (1525/21819) * $0.23= $0.016

So it is better than an individual account as @ayushikumari effective vote value with a single consolidated account would increase by $0.002. Similarly, @ayushikumari will also earn a better curation reward.

This is a very small amount, so the difference may not appear significant. But do remember that each week we will be delegating to the @bestofindia account and month by month its effective SP will increase, the immediate target within the horizon of 6 months is to make an effective SP of 0.1 million SP.

Other than that it will continue to maintain a liquid reward pool of 1000 STEEM to reward the active & consistent users of the community.



This is just a proposal that we the three CRs ought to start a community to address the existing issues. With this proposal, we want to optimize the individual resources so that we can at least start with whatever we have and we are very sure that in time it will grow.

We will try to achieve the immediate goal, keep consolidating the resources each week into the @bestofindia account. We will also prepare a comprehensive monthly report of the community account with the details of the retention rate month by month, quarter of quarter, and year of year. The various contents, events that we will organize from time to time will also be summarized in the monthly report. We request @steemcurator01 to support at least in the initial stages so that we can get off to a smooth start and will find a way to expand our community.


Further Clarifications

  • We don't force the individual users to delegate to the @bestofindia account, we just present you a proposal and a better opportunity. The choice is up to you to delegate to or not.

  • Those who will delegate will gain access to the various privileges of the Best of India community.

  • Steemcurator07 account will continue to support you every week and it has nothing to do with the Best of India community.

  • It does not mean that those who are (or will be) part of the Best of India community will gain favoritism from the CRs. We don't discriminate & we are integral to the 3Rs, and follow the laid rules & guidelines issued by Steemit Team.

Thank you.


Any suggestion, feedback to this proposal is always welcome. Please leave a comment if anyone wants to join the Best of India community. I also invite the CRs @neerajkr03 & @rishabh99946 to join this debate and give suggestion/feedback.




This is wonderful, the plans for long term, I hope many members join it so that they earn better curation rewards. It's a good idea to set 10% beneficiary from our accounts to give a boost to @bestofindia account to grow.
Thank you for this @sapwood and @steemcurator01 for the support.

Yes exactly, let's build it.

This is really great compilation, thanks so much for your effort 🙏😀

Thank you so much.

Nice Proposal.

Thank you.

The proposal is nicely explained and have a good long term vision. Steemian should utilize the programs that rapidly blossoming now on steemit and build up their steem power and join this mission of building community account for a long term and self-sustainable community.

Thank you so much.

Is anyone here still using this bot? The Reviews are good on Chrome, but the written part of the Review shows that it is not easy to figure out. I feel like I am missing something, but it could be broken.

A very good proposal to enable effective use of allocated resources which are often minimally utilised!

It's implementation should be total!

Thank you.

Excellent proposal.

We look forward to seeing these ideas growing.

If you put out some posts at 100% Power Up on @bestofindia - we can help the account grow with more votes.

Thank you

The Steemit Team

From tomorrow onwards we all the three CRs will set 10% beneficiary to @bestofindia

And from tomorrow onwards any community announcement of bestofindia will be set to 100% power up.

We are really keen to build the community account and also take along the other newcomers to stay staked with a long term vision. The 1000 days of Stem should also produce self-reliant thriving communities. With that motto at play we are with this proposal and we are very sure that we will grow each day.

Thank you so much again for the support & continuous motivation.

Steem on.

It is hoped that this committal will be implemented to the later! Thanks for postive promises!

I would like to delegate my 4 SP to @bestofindia . Should I follow any procedures or just delegate to @bestofindia . Kindly explain . Also as I am currently delegating the balance of 20 SP to a voting bot profile , will that be any ineligibility in getting curators reward every month on @bestofindia or curation from @steemcurator01 on this community ? Also it will be good if any one could tell me how to make use of privileges in and outside the community . I couldn't make use of anything yet.

I expect a reply ! :)

Hi @ansaf

Thank you for delegating 4 SP. Although the amount of 4 SP is too little to generate any visible curation reward, it's still okay as we are here for a objective to groom indian talents.

I will also come up with a detailed structure for your better understanding.

You will get your delegator reward for delegating this 4 SP on a monthly basis. But if you want to gain access to other privilleges you need to be active, consistent in engagement, post daily, participate in programs and challenges. The idea is to build an active, vibrant community from India.

Thank you.

I completely accept this proposal ,on joining small small drops together to become a ocean.

Just like i have a confident,our community also grow very fast.

I give my 100% support,as a member in this community,i am so happy with it.

Can i know process for delegation,

Thank you for your interest.

There are two parts:-

(1) If you delegate to @bestofindia account you will receive curation reward each month 100%, and this is the delegator reward part.

(2) If you join the Best fo India community and start posting regularly, comment regularly then along with part 1,you will also gain access to the pool of 1000 STEEM, which includes a range of reward scheme to incentivise the regular, consistent blogger in many ways. We will come up with more details on that.'

If you wish to delegate you can delegate to @bestofindia

If you need any help on how to delegate to, then please let me know, we will guide you further.

Thank you.

Hi @sapwood! I`m here to help :) If you want to delegate, please make a comment (for example replay to this one) like this:
I want to delegate X sp to @user
Where X is the amount of SP and @user is the steem user you want to delegate to. For example:
I want to delegate 100 sp to @lavanyalakshman
@tipU will answer with a delegation link. Hope this helps!:)

I want to delegate 4 SP to @bestofindia

Hi @ansaf! Special squad of highly trained hamsters prepared this delegation link for you:
steemconnect 4.0 SP delegation to @bestofindia.

Yes, let's do it.

Thank you for the proposal.

Ok thanks.

Nice Proposal ,we will support and contribute.

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