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Hello STEEM Community,

Curation rewards represent a quite large (25% I believe) share of the newly created coins in the STEEM network. However, we can see on steemwhales that a large number of steem power holders are inactive, and don't convert their voting power into rewards. A lot of "active" users are also missing out. I tried myself with a period of botting and a period of regular manual curation. See for yourself:

You can clearly see when I am botting and when I'm not. And when I'm not I'm probably missing out on at least 10 STEEM a week. A lot of users are starting to delegate their voting power to 'curation trails', but this is out of the question for me, I'd rather not have to rely on anyone, even if it means a lower outcome.

The bot I used is a chrome extension I published a while ago and got a few feedbacks from the chrome store that allowed me to fix a bunch of bugs over time (such as the slider for voting for big holders, or the masked nsfw posts that stopped the bot). I also added the option to automatically upvote certain authors (you can edit the list of authors in the settings).

Download the bot

Download on chrome web store
Download from source on github

It is easy to customize the behavior of the bot in the options (right click the icon and click options):

  • You can easily change the weight of the $, votes, comments or reputation for the scoring of the posts.
  • You can also easily control the timing of your votes (10-30 minutes after post creation is usually what works best)
  • You can have a list of auto-upvoted authors

Running the bot

This bot works by just browsing like you and me. To turn the bot on, just left click the icon (it will change color). Then, just open a new tab to (or any other page with a list of posts). The bot will keep on scrolling the page, until it fetches 200 contents. If the top post has enough score to be upvoted according to your options, then it will be upvoted. Then the bot will refresh the page and repeat the same process again.

N.B: The bot will only work if the steemit tab is in the foreground. Best thing to do is to put it in its own small window.

If you have any questions to get set-up, if you have any suggestion, or if you think you found the best options to maximize curation rewards, feel free to comment. I will gladly answer,


P.S: There is currently a slight problem with SBD which is valued at about $2.00 US (instead of $1.00). This is the reason why your 'estimated value' is currently off on steemwhales. I have currently changed it to display SBD, but I am wondering if users would rather have a real US$ estimated value. Let me know.


Good work and as for update it would be great to see USD value instead of SBD! Keep up the good work 😉

Kudos to you @heimindanger! The best way to contact you in private? for sure ;) this is really a neat way to game the system and mine Steem without any real participation? How does that help the platform?

I don't think it helps the platform overall. Curation is a sensitive subject and bots have always existed and dominated.

But I think it helps the users, a lot of upvote bots already exist, but I think a easy to install/use chrome extension is better for normal users rather than having to install a python app and running it in the console.

I understand, and appreciate your response...I have noticed a few posts of mine have been upvoted by dozens of 'bots, and it's always bothered me. Oh, well, I guess that's the name of the fame these days.

Great work! This looks really great, I'll try it out 😁

Wow this looks really cool, will check it out!

Let me know if you have any trouble, and the success you are getting from it ;)

Pretty cool, will check it out
will there be a way to choose to vote after a random time within a certain range?

You can set a range, and a time to absolutely never upvote before.

really good work
is this legal and perfectly safe?

I don't see why it would be illegal.

Chrome Extensions can auto update and be a security concern, that's why I gave the link to download from source. So people can inspect it and install it from the developer mode in google extensions.

ah thanks a lot for clarifying

Is it possible to just upvote authors only?
Also could you make it possible to upvote authors with seperate percentages.

Thanks great work.

hey, thanks for building this great bot.
could you give us some beginners settings for getting started earning curation rewards?
and do you have some experiences on best times and timeframes to run the bot?
maybe there are more steemians who already tried some options and can give me some tips here.


Very good job , now i understand how it works its fantastic , if we have any other extension like this which improves our rewards better . i liked this.

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