How to check Affable ratio in one click - Project Affable Contest - India (Total Prize Pool- 200 STEEM)

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You could earn more STEEM as a reward while already using #onepercent #india tags in diary post comment. All you need to do is that just add #affable as well along with #onepercent and other tags in the comment section of the diary post. Please read the rules in detail here. Affable contest is organized by @sapwood

In this post, I have tried to simplify and explained all steps in proper sequence so that anyone can use #SCM tool without any issue. I understand that it's a new tool and our contest participants might be finding it difficult to perform some of the steps. I hope this post will help everyone to check their affable score easily.


Step 1. Login to and Go to the profile (right top)> Click on the Comments menu as highlighted in the above image.


Step 2. Click on the latest comment, the top one(it can be any, outside of the diary game also), it will open that comment in a full view browser window/ tab.


Step 3. Go to the URL section as shown in the above image and copy or note down the last 6 characters as highlighted in red color. This is the comment Permlink.


Step 4. Go to and click on "Affable Score" button as highlighted in the above image.


Step 5. Enter your account Username (e.g. neerajkr03) & Enter 6 characters Permlink copied/ noted in Step 3. (e.g. qg9uz1)


Step 6. Click on "Show Affable Score" button. Please wait for 3-4 seconds and It will show your Affable score. If checking on a Mobile phone, please scroll the page to bottom.

Recent Fix - #SCM was showing error if entered characters (first one or all) in Username or Permlink textbox were in capital letters.

Thank you.

If you have any query related to the project SteemIt Contest Management(SCM) or facing any issue while using it, feel free to mention in the comment section. I will improve the project based on your feedback. I am hoping that SCM can be helpful to organize this on a bigger level for other countries too.


Unless otherwise specified, all content in my post is the original work.


Really doing a great job for steem.

Hello @neerajkr03, thanks for putting all these permutations so neatly. Can you please confirm if I can see the affable score for the current month only or for the past month as well.

It will show from 01st September till the comment permalink date which you enter. This contest is designed by Sapwood and valid from 01st September.

Please go through the contest rule details mention in my post.


Hey , I am confused about #affable
Why you put here , it's not a diary post and we can use this in only diary post.
Am I right?
If not please correct me.

Yes, you are right. It will be only counted in the diary posts.

Added here just for promotion :)


 last year (edited)

Ok now my doubts are all clear.
So here I do it along with adding it here😊

Thank you for your work on this. It looks great.

The Steemit Team

Wow excellent information,thanks for sharing.

Hey can you explain about wallet also as I don't know to chk how much point I have earned

Sure @ruchii. I will try to explain Steem, Steem Power, and SBD values and uses which shows in the wallet soon in my upcoming post.

I see you have completed "achievement task 1 - Introduction" already. It will be great if you participate in the Pro Minnow program. This way you could learn a lot of things related to the Steem Ecosystem.

There is a set of achievements prepared by @cryptokannon for new comers.

  1. First go to New Comers Community and join.

  2. Read this summary about achievements.

  3. You have already completed first achievement task.

  4. Likewise, you can do all achievements. You can learn about steemit related things while rewarding


I'm not getting any results. I inputted the right parameters but no results. I'm on mobile though

After entering the username and permlink, click button. After 2-3 seconds, scroll page to see affable score at bottom of same page.

If you are still unable to see, please post a screenshot here which entered values in textboxes and if any error message is showing.

I will surely help you.


Once I click the button the page refreshes and the value disappears without results

Hi @doppley,

Once I click the button the page refreshes and the value disappears without results

Please scroll the page after this to the bottom.

Here is the screenshot.


**Note - Please see the #affable contest rules here .

Currently, It is running only for India but I am sure very soon @sapwood will organize this on a larger level for all countries including Nigeria.

Thank you for showing your interest.


Dear @doppley,

Don't worry. Project Affable will organize this Engagement league for all communities. However, it will always align it with the #the1000daysosteem campaign. So from October, you might be able to participate in project Affable.

what is a affable score?

Please check the #affable contest and it's rules here .


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