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Cameroon Steemit Njangi

The Cameroon steemit Njangi is a steem socio-economic activity that aims at empowering Cameroonian steemians while powering up the @steem-cameroon community account.

You can learn more about the Njangi here;

The njangi is comprised of 31 members who own over 71 shares. The 31 members have as target, to contribute 1K Steem each per share within a maximum period of 02 years. Meaning, they look forward to powering up the @steem-cameroon community account with 35.5K SP for the first year and 35.5k SP for the second year; making a total of 70K SP.
Members o f the Cameroon Steemit Njangi include;

  1. @lukong
  2. @thegreens
  3. @mr-greens
  4. @verlonji
  5. @peacemakers
  6. @mbozekobrice
  7. @yeesja
  8. @wirngo
  9. @tenguatanga
  10. @chiabertrand
  11. @drumblac
  12. @chant
  13. @nafisatu
  14. @rexiano
  15. @fombae
  16. @jane-mary
  17. @rapharchick
  18. @majerius
  19. @saxopedia
  20. @craxywriter
  22. @tifuh
  23. @tjeean
  24. @njiatanga
  25. @metugejacy20
  26. @nforyembe
  27. @bihnadine
  28. @nickzy
  29. @sofiasheen
  30. @monjuapollonia
  31. @ngongha

Every week, they contribute 1SBD per share and hand over 52SBD to one beneficiary automatically hands over 26SBD to @steem-cameroon as part of his/her share and then use the remaining 26SBD for personal use. The 26SBD that goes to @steem-cameroon is used for power-up of the community account.

Steemit Njangi.jpg

So far, 04 Steemians have already benefited from the Njangi giving our community account 104SBD to be used for power-up.
The 04 beneficiaries of Cameroon Steemit Njangi are;

  1. @chant:
  2. @thegreens:
  3. @rexiano:
  4. @njiatanga:

This week, @thegreens will be receiving 52SBD as Njangi benefit to cover for last week plus this week i.e. 26SBD is from last week and 26 SBD from this week and the 52 SBD to be received by @thegreens is going to be used to acquire a new Phone.

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For some time now, working with my phone has been a major challenge because my phone storage get's full as soon as i take a few shots and videos. This is really limiting my ability to cover my community service events as well as effectively blog on Steemit.
I used to do a lot of editing on my phone but this is no longer possible because I have very limited storage. As such, I have been saving for a new phone and hope to add my savings to the Steemit Njangi rewards to purchase a new phone.
The only thing I know for now is that I need a phone with a minimum of 256GB but most preferably a phone with 512GB and excellent Camera.
With an excellent phone, I can better serve Cameroonian steemians and also feed the Steemit Community with free-to-use high quality images.

I haven't decided on the kind of phone I want to and will be happy if you can make some recommendations.

Have a steem green weekend and remember to participate in the following contests organized by @thegreens;

1. The Power Up Challenge

2. Creative Writing Contest

The Greens Footer.jpg
The Greens is a grassroots environmental organization that strives to educate, inspire and engage young people to take action to combat climate change and be at the forefront of biodiversity conservation and waste management.

 6 months ago 

I'm very pleased to see that this Njangi initiative really assist its members at their point of need. Kudos to @cameroon steemit njanji and kudos to @SteemCameroon.

 6 months ago 

Phone issues can make you cry one day. I have issues with my phone storage as well. This makes me delete files almost every one hour. It is not cool at all. Canon 17and it's premiere is good but it has as storage 128GB it might not be enough for you. But since you are versed with IPhones. You can use a higher version of your present IPhone. Or you can get Tecno Fantom.

 6 months ago 

I can imagine what you are going through with storage issues with your phone capacity. I once went through that same path and it was hell. Most often I had to delete images, texts and videos. At times even important videos or images that you needed to keep memories for posterity, you have to delete just to create space. Considering space and quality of the camera, I will suggest S10, S20 and IPhone max pro.

 6 months ago 

I can relate to phone issues. Once the storage is full, especially with 32GB phones, you can't do anything with it. Happy you'll soon get a new one and I'll propose you get the TECNO CAMON 17 pro which has a capacity of 256GB and an 8GB RAM. The problems of storage and speed are taken care of. And the battery life too is encouraging with an incorporated 5000mA battery, the picture quality is just wonderful.

 6 months ago 

When a phone’s storage is full or getting full ,it becomes so annoying to use that phone because it misbehaves in every aspect beginning from photography ,to browsing and to simply just manipulating the phone.
Sorry about the stress you had to go through with your phone in order to always keep us Cameroonian steemians updated.
About goods phones with large storage capacity ,I don’t know
I barely know about phones
Good luck with buying your new phone I wish you get the phone with just the best qualities as you want them.

 6 months ago 

The njangi initiative is something we are really enjoying. Its really going to be a nice and much more easier for to cover your field work. Your choice of phone is a good one but one needs to know how to use first . iPhone is pretty good just difficult to use just like BlackBerry and Ericsson

Congratulations. We move

 6 months ago 

Ooooh🤦so sorry about your phone issues ,thank 🙏 God this our njangi contributions will assist you in purchasing your new phone .as for the Contests ,I can't wait to partake in because they are very good Contents . powering up ones account is very necessary and caring for our environment is very important as well

Please view this any mistakes. Please give your opinion don't forget to vote me

 6 months ago 

Getting a new phone will go a long way to boast you performance, I will recommend and I phone, .

 6 months ago 

Wow thats a good idea of getting a better phone to continue serving your steemians. I will like you buy and iPhone, 11promax to be precised storage 520 GB. It captures good quality pictures.
Please note that after buying, I will have a taste of it by snaping atleast 10 nice pictures of myself. Hahaha never mind me. Good luck as you look forward to buying our IPhone 😜

 6 months ago 

Come here make I ... u 🥰🥰🥰. You have sengse lol

 6 months ago 

Most of us nowadays use android phones to carry out our daily activities that has to do with online services , mainly most of us steemians, me myself I'm using my phone to do all my assignments, contest on steem,whatsapp,facebook, everything about social media ... for someone like you who is doing so much work on steem,even morethan us would need a better and capable capacity phone, me my self i have problems of storage, and its affecting me alot, i want to buy iphone 7 pro max which has a better storage, it will be okay for me, but as for you i know that it won't be enough.. you could go in for iphone 11 pro max , eventhough its expensive but i know it will serve the purpose.. goodluck as you huzzle to get a good phone .. the njangi has really been a blessing to me as one of the first 4 njangi beneficiaries...
I love @steem-cameroon

 5 months ago 

I pray that you a good phone boss. It's been a while and I missed your amazing posts and directions. These phones can really disturb and embarrass one. Hopefully we will be having you back soon. Good luck
#twopercent #cameroon

 5 months ago 

Gracias and good one loading!

 5 months ago 

I can imagine what you are passing through with your present phone ,it’s always very disappointing because you delete some important things which you are not supposed to ,just because of space ,I pray God should provide you with a good phone , camara and space

 5 months ago 


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