Cameroon Steemit Njangi and 100K SP Shares Program | 26 SBD to be used to purchase a new phone.

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With our desire to grow the steem-cameroon community account to 100k sp, we were able to put our heads together bringing out the idea of the njangi which is a means of paying for shares in the 100k sp campaign. So far we have had beneficiaries of the njangi who made available 50% to power-up the steem-cameroon account and the other 50% (26) to be used for their personal needs. @chant the first beneficiary with 05 shares benefited her first share here and @thegreens also benefited one of his shares the proceeding week and this week am benefiting one of my 05 shares too.

You can learn more about the Cameroon Steemit Njangi in the post bellow;


For almost a month now i have been left without an android phone as thieves broke in to the house and took my phone away forcing me to use me to using a smaller phone which can only support calls and text with no android facilities. This has greatly affected my communication and activities for a month now. So while am making 50% of the njangi available to power-up the steem-cameroon account, i shall use the remaining to secure a new phone so as to restore effective communication and to be able carry out activities smoothly.

My sincere thanks to all Cameroonian steemians who have taken upon themselves this great task of building the steem-cameroon community account.


 6 months ago 

An android phone is a big digital asset that every young person should have. wishing you acquire one ASAP so that you can effectively steem and support Cameroonian steemians.

 6 months ago 

I can imagine in this time when the world is going digital and you are using an analog device. It’s frustrating especially in Cameroon when many do not even border to read text messages as a result of numerous unwanted messages from network service providers. Hope you were not physically abused by the thieves?? Stay safe and always lock the door because we are living in a conflict area where anything can happen at any moment.

 6 months ago 

Sorry for your loss @njiatanga I hope with you weren't hurt as well.

 6 months ago 

This is so so sad @njiatanga.. I'm very sorry about the thieves attacked, even with the good heart that i have , when i see a thief being beaten mercilessly,i don't look twice because when this people want to rub you they don't care who gets hurt, they can even kill you in the process without thinking twice .. I'm sorry, nevertheless I'm happy that the njangi 26SBD will help you get a new android phone, how have you been couping with a such a phone, we thank God for njangi and for your life, you and i are both beneficiaries of this week ,steem has been of great help to me ... I'm happy that it was your phone that was stolen and nomatter how much it costs it's not worth your Below is my own entry for my njangi beneficiary post

I'm happy that the 26SBD will do a better work for you as you get back on ur feet

 6 months ago 

Wow we thank God for steemit njangi , atleast u will acquire a new phone .

 6 months ago 

I can imagine you using a phone that disturbs a lot. I am a testimony to that. My old phone discouraged me from steeming for a long while and effectively I had to work extra hard to secure some SBD and purchase a new one.
Sir please we'll be expecting the picture of that phone oooooo hihihi

 6 months ago 

I can imagine what you are going through because i have been there before when my phone fell and the screen was broken. I stayed for almost two months using a smaller phone. Just replying text messages was hell for me. Thank God for this medium that has been put in place which will help you in getting an android phone

 6 months ago 

Ooo !too bad sorry for the incident,i can imagine the difficulties you are passing through without having phone ,i pray God should provide you with one soon .

 6 months ago 

I hope you weren’t hurt by the thieves
Thanks to steemit njangi you would be getting a new phone
We can all testify that this njangi was a good idea
I can imagine how terrifying it could be used to using an android phone and later your being left with no option rather than using an analog phone .

 6 months ago 

Sorry about your lost phone bro. I don't know when these bad guys will stop collecting what doesn't belong to them. Unfortunately the youths of Cameroon have become lady and prefer stealing to make a living. Hopefully all this will end soon. Well we are anticipating your return as your presence has been missed. Take care and stay safe
#twopercent #cameroon

 6 months ago 

Am sorry about the robert,I can just imagine how much difficulties I can face if my phone is stolen so it must be really difficult been without a good phone. I hope this goes a long way in helping you get a new phone.

 6 months ago (edited)

Phone is a serious barrier to communication. It can actually keep you frustrated at some points.
I'm so sorry about the attack. Some people don't have conscience at all. I can feel your pain.
I hope you get a new phone and come back to steemit we have missed you. I have missed your posts.

 6 months ago 

It can be so disturbing going on with your activities with a “choronko” that is mostly limited to calls and text messages meanwhile there are lots of resourceful things you can use an Android phone for, thank God u can now get one for urself thanks to this njangi

 5 months ago 

Sorry about the lost. I really missed your presence in this platform 😜. Please try as soon as possible to get one good phone so you can resumed your work. I know you have missed alot already but never mind God has a reason for everything happening. Stay blessed as you struggle to get a good phone for your self.
But wait oooh, do you know what i like you to buy for your self?🤔 I want an IPhone not an Android phone again. Hahaha 😀

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