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National or international awareness day is a date commemorated to observe an international interest or concern. Most of the time this day is used to promote or carry out activities in the community and nationwide campaigns. Most of these dates are always put in place by the National Parliament, United Nations (UN), United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), World Health Organization (WHO), and other international bodies.

This contest is for the participant to check out any of the National or international awareness days within this week, Follow the guide below

How to Create your Post



Steem Cameroon Contest - Commemorated day(your country)

Example : Steem Cameroon Contest - Earth Day(Cameroon)


  • What do you know about the day? (Make sure you mention the actual date) (50 -100 wards)
  • How do you or your country or your organization celebrate the day? (50-100 words)
  • What impact does your community gain during and after the commemoration? (50-100 words)
  • What issue or concern will you recommend to be commemorated this week and on what date?


Section A

Examples: You can pick any from the list or any other which is commemorated in your country.

World Soil Day05 Dec
International Civil Aviation Day07 Nov
International Anti-Corruption Day09 Dec
World Genocide Commemoration Day09 Dec
Human Rights Day10 Dec
International Mountain Day11 Dec


  • Local commemorated days in your communities are very much welcome.


Section B

December has an interesting day that the international community commemorated.

Human Rights Day (Dec 10)

  • Give us your understanding of Human Rights.
  • What is the current Human Rights situation in your country?
  • List out the common Human Rights abuses in your country
  • Who are the people fighting to uplift the standard of Human Rights in your country (NGO or Government)?
  • Is the UN playing its role in Human Rights Or just commemorating the 10th of December?


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Due to the current trend on the Steemit platform with the existence of farming accounts, Every participant will have to add the introductive link at the end of your publication




Three authors will be selected every week and will receive booming support based on the rules and originality of the post respectively.




It is going to be a weekly contest, Monday to Sunday, Dec 11th, 2022 at 11.59 pm UTC


Stay tuned.

@steem-cameroon is open up for sponsorship for Section B of this weekly contest.



The weekly contest by @steem-cameroon



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As usual, stwwm-cameroon has beautiful topics to be discussed on which doesn't only bring out creativity but also increases i teller and social life

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