Creative Writing Contest Winners Post - Edition #01 || What Business Route Will You Take With A 500 Steem Capital.

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Hello steem Cameroonians and the entire steemit community. The new weekly contest on creative writing has just ended after running for it's first edition. This contest was introduced to promote creative writing in our community and also to help spread business ideas and also their pros and cons. The topic for next week won't be on business, we will make the creative writing topics dynamic every week.

For this contest, participants were supposed to tell us which business measure will they take it they are given a capital of 500 steem. Will they invest in the steemit platform, will they start a physical business, or will they use it to trade crypto. Participants were to do allocations and invite steemians from other communities.

Following the rules is a very important part of every contest and that criteria will be used in judging who the winner is. So we consider every part of the contest in judging the winners.
For the first edition, we had just a few entries, but we are hoping that in the next editions, the number of entries will increase.


Without further ado, the winners are;

First Place (4 steem) : @ngamd - Link

Second Place (3 steem) : @cryptogecko - Link

Third Place (3 steem) : @graciella - Link

Congratulations to all the winners of this edition, we hope to see you in the next editions of this contest. You will be recieving your rewards shortly.


Stay tuned for more contests and also follow this link to know how to become a member of steem cameroon community so as to obtain juicy votes from the community curation account.

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Thanks so so much dear am waiting for the next one

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