Club100.The Diary Game:Steem For Better Life(14/11/2022)

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Hi Steemit Friends!! I am glad to be here with My diary game for Monday the 14th of November 2022. I need not remind you that Mondays are ghost towns in the North West and South West Regions of Cameroon.

An Emty Street


it is a the tradition. On Mondays, we do no economic activities as everywhere is locked. This lock down is imposed by the secessionist who believe that through this method their message can easily be comprehended.


As an individual I like to be free to do what I want at any time without being disturbed by anyone.


The pertinent Question is, What can an angry Goat do to a lion?


I am forced to be at home just like others because of fear of the unknown.


I woke up timidly at 7am but remained on the bed until 8am. There was no light and that was another nightmare which I had to deal with. For this reason, I and @acbaby decided to go to mile 5
on my way to mile 5
where there was light so as to follow the news and charge my phone together with my power bank.

We left for mile 5 at 9am.
Pavement production center at mile 5
We did not take any motorcycle because of the fear of the unknown and therefore, we trekked from mile 4 to mile 5.

Mile 5
I got there really exhausted but I had nothing to worry about as there was light and cable at thesame time. After plugging all my gadgets on charge, I now asked My friend Calvin to switch on the television on which I started watching Aljazeera.


I watched news interchangeably with movies on MBC 2. The most remarkable thing I saw on TV was news.

On Turning to Aljazeera, My country Cameroon was trending as it was being show cased as part of the countries going to the Qata. It sounded sweet to me as pa Ngando the popular fan for the Cameroon indomitable lions was on TV.


I also watched news on the activities going on between the G20 countries in Indonesia where in Joe Biden had the opportunity to meet with Xi the Chinese president for the first time since he took office.


I also watched the activities of rebels operating in the democratic republic of Congo where in the conduct of Hostilities is still very much normal.


We watched movies like taken, Mission impossible, and 21 bridges etc.


By 5.30 pm, Its was time to trek back to mile 4 with my friend Collins. We trekked home and upon reaching the house, Lights which we had been deprived of for about two weeks had come. The joy was immeasurable. We had been made to think having electricity was a luxury only a few could afford and this is attributed to a small misunderstanding.

My way back From Mile 5
Adam and eve committed a crime and we are all suffering and this is exactly what is happening.


I watched movies until 1am when I retired to bed.

Thanks for Reading


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