Club100/The Diary Game: (19/10/2022)

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The Diary Game for October 19th 2022.

Blisfull Morning with Beautiful Skies


On this Blessed day, I woke up at 7am and prepared to go to sell at the shop. I went into my bathroom, Brushed my teeth took a bath and went on my way to the shop.

The shoes section of the shop

At the shop, I displayed the items in their various positions and sat down to watch News on CNN. Much was trending and that made me have interest in watching the news.

watching CNN

I watched news until 11am when some customers came in to buy. I sold some items like T.shirts, Trousers and Flat top face cap. I entertained my customers and before I realised it, It was 1pm

Air fresheners


By 1:30pm I had some men on evangelism who came for evangelism. I listened to them talk about the goodness and greatness of God Almighty. I was multitasking by listening to them and when I had a customer come around, I will be talking with customers and still listening to them.

Today was not really a nice day as rain was disturbing from time to time. I had to carry market items from outside into the shop and back outside. This exercise continued for some time.
Raining outside

The weather was not stable so it was not easy managing the items outside of the shop. At about 4pm, I left and went home to prepare ripe plantain and ndole.


When I was home, I started peeling and boiling the plantain. While the plantain was boiling,
Boiling plantain

I started preparing the ndole. Before the plantain finished boiling, I was almost done with the ndole.
Everything I was to use for the ndole had been prepared in the morning. At about 6pm, I was done with cooking. It was a wonderful sight and taste to behold.

I went and took a refreshing bath before eating.


After eating, I watched the movie Money Heist until 12am before retiring for the night.


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