Club100.The Diary Game. (14th/10/ 2022)

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I greet you all and I Welcome you to my Diary game for 14th of October 2022.

Awicul Fon's street


This was the day after my defense Presentation which took place on 13th of October. I did not spend the night in Bambili as I went to town on the previous night. I slept with little to think about after the previous day drinking. I slept like a baby.


I woke up by 8am. I immiediately checked my mails and my Twitter to see what's trending. While online, I discovered much was going on so I switched the TV on to Aljazeera so as to see things for myself.


Much was trending especially on the war between Ukraine and Russia. Russia is now using a series of missiles to destroy Ukraine. Reports of Missiles Hitting Kiev were being reported.


I followed the news on Aljazeera for sometime until at 10am when I decided to bath and go to Commercial Avenue. when I got there I went straight to take the car from the garage.


Beside Bimami at the garage

I took the one that was ready and the other one remained under repairs.

I went back to the office to do some typing.



I had to go to upstation to honor an invitation that had been served to me. I was to be there at 3pm but i left the office at about 4pm because it was raining.


at the office

I went straight to Club58 where the meeting was to take place.


For those of you who know club58, you know that not everyone is allowed into it. Even you have the world's money if you are not a member, you are not allowed into it or you will not be serve. I met with those who had invited me and i was offered a bottle of Guiness smooth. The ladies who were present requested that they wanted a place where there was music. We finished our drinks and left for Hilltop hotel where there was music and enough pleasure.

hilltop hotel


At hilltop hotel, Truely there was music. The essence of the mery making was because one of my friends who did not attend the presentation wanted to spoil me abit.


I enjoyed myself indeed. We were latter accompanied by 2 professors and one Doctor. They were so happy with my presentation and requested that i apply for PhD next year as this year could not be possible. One professor even went further to tell me I must apply only in the University of Bamenda and that if I dare to apply elsewhere, They will write to the University to transfer me back to Bamenda.


The evening was a wonderful one. I left station at 12am and went down town. I went to mile 3 and dropped a friend who was with me before going back to Commercial Avenue.

Thanks for Reading.


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