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Greetings from motherland-Cameroon and welcome to my blog as I bring to you all this contest on non-communicable diseases. I hope we all will be excited to share our entries to this challenge. Without wasting more time, let’s get the ball rolling.

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Background to the Contest

One of the major diseases that kill slowly around the world today is depression. Many suffer from this illness and die slowly if care is not being taken.

Depression is a form of mental disorder which results from a loss of interest in doing some activities. This can only lead to serious impairments in our daily lives.

The social distress caused by depression can lead to sleep disorder, low self-esteem, loss of appetite, weight loss and thoughts of committing suicide.

Creating awareness about this form of illness is essential especially now when many are suffering from depression caused by social and psychological disorders resulting from poverty. We should all note that poverty is inherently caused by depression.

This contest will help to create awareness about this topic which is hardly put up for discussion.

Some Guiding Questions.

These are guiding questions, therefore do not limit yourself to these questions. You can create the magic write-up by thinking out of the box .😃😃

  • What is your understanding of Non-Communicable Diseases?
  • Have you or any close friends suffered from Depression? You might want to tell us what caused it.
  • How did you manage the situation?
  • Any specialist or health care centre to care for those suffering from depression in your country.
  • In case you meet someone suffering from Depression, what advice will you give to her or him?

Contest Rules.

  • Use "Non-Communicable Disease: ( Mental Health-Depression)-date of your publication" as the title of your post.
  • Users should ensure to upvote, resteem, and comment on this post.
  • Images on your post should be your original images or copyright-free images. Ensure to add sources of the copyright-free images used.
  • Any act of plagiarism will not be tolerated.
  • The minimum number of words for your entry should be at least 300 words and a maximum of 1500 words.
  • Include the tags #ncdawareness-w1, #steemexclusive, yourcountry, and clubstatus #contest among the first 5 tags of your post.
  • The link to your entry post should be included in your comment on this contest post.
  • Post your content on the steem-cameroon community.
  • Your content should be steemexclusive and users must be participating in either club5050 club75 and or club100.
  • Share your entry on any social media platform of your choice and include a screenshot on your post.
  • Do not use the tag burnsteem25 if you haven’t set 25% of your post payout to @null.

Contest Duration.

This contest will run from the 9th-16th of February, 2023. (noon GMT+1).

Contest Price.

  • 1st Price = 12SP.
  • 2nd Price = 08SP.
  • 3rd Price = 05 SP.
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Indeed depressing kills, so we need to try and surround ourselves with people. By doing that, they might keep us active or engage us to do something active rather than us staying all by ourselves all the time o

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Thank you for the support @disconnect.


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Great contest inshaAllah i will drop my entry soon 😍


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