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It is not an important moment for only you but this topic is close to my heart so here I come with an aimless walking spree in my current city, the Australian Capital Canberra. I am sure season 18 of the Steemit Engagement Challenge will bring several talented photographers and we shall enjoy their creativity.


Here is my presentation for your first challenge:

There are days when you do nothing but go for a walk. Yesterday was Sunday, so I did the same.

First, I had my breakfast, picked up both my cameras, and set out on foot.


Yes, you heard it right. Many times, when I am doing nothing special or feeling bored, going for a walk is a good option for me. My aimless walking gives me relief from all mental stresses and gives me a chance to gain new experiences.

It especially breaks me from the fixed routine of my daily life and takes me to a new place, which makes me feel fresh. So yesterday was one such day. I get a new joy from doing such a trip. For me, traveling helps me to keep myself mentally and physically fit.

Don't you think that going out like this gives us an opportunity to know ourselves better? Traveling is a different experience for me, and if I am walking alone in nature, then going for a walk is a great option whenever I get a chance.


First of all, I went to the church close to my house and stayed there for around 40 minutes, then walked to the nearest local bus stand and traveled to Gungahlin, a suburb of Canberra. Dear friends, I will not give you a picture of this trip as I can give you only up to five images in this post.

I have my city card, which has enough money in it that I can travel anywhere in my city by boarding any bus, and on weekends it becomes almost free, so I caught the first bus.


Gungahlin has a walk-in place where we can watch free flying birds and photograph them, but this contest forbids me to upload two related images, so I will not share the extensive collection of birds I captured.

But I can tell you that people come here to watch the birds while walking and watching 550 birds of 57 different species from Australia and other parts of the world. But I can give you the images of these birds in another post of mine.


When I was done with the walk here, I came to the bus stand again and took a bus for Teslstra Tower and had another walk on a hilly route, but as this contest restricts me from posting two related pictures, I will upload just a single image from this place, although I took at least 50 pictures from different angles.

Finally, I stopped at the nearest mall and had a haircut since my last haircut was on March 30th and I was feeling too awkward. That was around 6 p.m. when the Canberra shops closed down for Sunday, so I walked through the park and reached home.


I was eager to reach home as I had to coordinate with my curation team for the coming month and submit our combined application. I am glad I managed to submit that with my senior friends whom I am going to invite for this contest, @suboohi and @el-nailul along with my friend @josepha, who has plans to visit Australia in the coming summer season.

Note: I have used different cameras and my phone for different images in this post as shown in the title image.

I hope you enjoyed my aimless walking



Hi @dove11, greetings from me.

Sincerely, yours good photographer your pictures say it all. You make a real sense and I want to agree that going out when we're board to do something new help us realize our true potential. I wish you could give all the pictures you took at the church and others place but it okay. The walking space in Gungahlin looks calm and it would be a nice place to relax or have fun while watching birds flying. You made a nice post and I wish you all the best of luck.


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I don't have this type of camera, but as of some years back, I have the smaller type which I always hold on my neck each time I go out just the way you went out for a walk yesterday Sunday. The reason why I don't border on having another camera is because of the use of a smartphone. Indeed the pictures you captured using your camera are all beautiful, most especially the one with sunlight. Thanks for the invite, and good luck to you.

 last month 

I agree you don't need a high grade camera for photography but being a travel blogger I have been using these plus a couple of more cameras for a long time. I have never mentioned this perhaps but I have submitted some of my images at Pexels and Pixabay too.

 last month 

Hola amigo
Que buena historia, es que salir a caminar,nos relaja tanto y podemos capturar las mejores fotografías.

 last month 

Thanks a lot for your feedback and kind support, I appreciate it.


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 last month 

Thank you so much @anasuleidy, much appreciated!

Greetings!! Yes , This is an incredible and accepting entry deserve from you. You used your camera and captured the stunning photos that reflects the meaningful captions. Your boring day changed into enjoyable, refreshing and inspirational walk that any one definitely want to bring healthy change in his routin of the day. You end up your day by incorporating your Curators team fellows work out on Steemit. All the meet the criteria to win contest. Good luck.

 last month 

Thanks for your sweet words and sorry for the delayed reply because we have a timezone difference so it looks as if avoided certain comments but when I get up in the morning I see them and try to respond to them as many as possible because then I work on multiple fronts. My office, curation and moderation besides responding to comments. Thanks again.

 last month 

Hi @dove11

I also love going for a walk, it is a way to clear my mind, and breathe a different air, especially if I walk through places where there are trees and landscapes.

I hope to see that collection of bird photos, I imagine there are many beautiful ones.

I loved the penultimate photo, the play of orange, yellow, brown colors is beautiful...

Thank you for participating in the challenge, I wish you success.

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 last month (edited)

Thank you so much, I will keep your birds related query in mind and post that as and when I find a suitable topic. Thanks for your evaluation and your kind views on this humble effort. My best regards and the reminder of my application!🎉👍

Hola amigo usted siempre destacándose con sus hermosas fotografías y estás en particular que cuenta historia de tu gran recorrido desde que amaneces.

Yo también acostumbro caminar algunos días en la mañana para cambiar la rutina y sabes me encantaría tener una tarjeta como la tuya para viajar a todos lados.

Te deseo lo mejor en el reto.

 last month 

Great knowing and meeting another walker 👍however my walks are for a purpose although this walk was aimless. Would you believe that I am a member of various groups that walk for charity? Yes, we do, and the collection goes to the charities working for cancer, the homeless and other similar causes. That card you asked for is issued by Canberra Transport that we can use for all our local travel. Weekends are almost free to encourage use of public transport.

 last month 

Hola amigo..también suelo salir a caminar, y tienes razón aliviada todos los problemas que podamos tener en ese momento y hasta pensar con más claridad las cosas. Todas tus fotos están hermosas.

Gracias por participar ☺️

 last month 

Thank you so much. When I walk amid nature I derive an extra energy in my mind that motivates me to do things that keep me on my toes for the rest of the day or week. I walk for various purposes but my last walk was just an aimless one. Thanks for your kind feedback. My best regards.

 last month 

Me encantó la imágen del atardecer, creo que con esta última vista, pudo culminar el día lleno de energía y de vitalidad.

Caminar nos hace pensar, conversar con nosotros mismos, recordar y también imaginar cosas. Usted también tuvo contacto con Dios el día de hoy y eso nos llena de vida el espíritu.


 last month (edited)

Thanks for all the nice and kind words. I agree that walking is my way of life and I have walked long distances not only for myself but for the sake of humanity. In fact I have walked for charity where we pay a certain amount to charities working for the downtrodden.

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