Crypto will begin to appear in the portfolio of funds 401K

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These past few days have been long for me and many Vietnamese use the same internet service provider as me. The international transmission speed is very bad because the fiber optic cable is broken at sea. It's annoying to sit around waiting for a web page to load for up to 10 minutes. So I hope you understand that we haven't replied to your replies yet! 🤗🤗🤗

Over the past 2 days there have been a lot of bad posts about #bitcoin and crypto to create negative thoughts, reduce our trust. You have seen many, many attacks in the past 2 days in many newspapers. So I won't list them here. I have two good news for you that you might be interested in.

The new retirement account dubbed the Alt 401(k), allows investors to use up to 5% of their contributions for buying, holding, and selling over 50 cryptocurrencies. To help employees use cryptocurrencies appropriately, ForUsAll provides personalized help and automatically alerts participants when their allocations exceed 5% of their portfolio.

Over 60%/700.000 ForUsAll customers are interested in Alt 401(k) plans. Therefore, this plan is being promoted to be implemented in the near future.
The 401K is a retirement fund for Americans and if you want to learn more you can check it out here. And I would like to add that 401K is one of the most popular funds for the American people.

Regarding Elon Musk, recently, the #Bitcoin mining association officially boycotted this handsome knight. This is a good thing to limit how much influence an individual has on the market. And maybe you'll have to pay less attention to his twitters. Information sources.

A other information is CEO of Twitter said will be active lightning network #BTC on Twitter. I wonder is the application of #bitcoin and crypto a must-have to compete with tech companies? Apparently they had to run after 😂😅😅

The CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, revealed that social network may enter the world of cryptocurrencies soon through the Lightning Network, an alternative Bitcoin network for instant payments. In response to a follower on Friday (11), the platform's founder said that it is “a matter of time” until they enter this market.

Learn more about this here

Before ending this article, I want to remind you of 2 things. Today is the weekend and the price always has a downtrend at the end of the week, but stablecoins are being pushed to the exchanges quickly from 10 hours ago, since I posted this post. There could be a big move this weekend in price. 🤗🤗🤗

Good luck


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