El Salvador officially accepts #Bitcoin as legal currency - Crypto fast news #100621

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Yesterday was a great day, with some good news. Unfortunately I don't have enough time to convey that exciting news to you right away. Today, I will try to write what is useful in several posts. This post, compiled some good news so you don't miss it.

First, let's talk about El Salvador

Today, information about the #Bitcoin law passed will be the front page of newspapers in El Salvador🇸🇻.
Companies must accept payments in #BTC, Tesla in El Salvador neither wants to accept nor can 😂😅😅
22 hours ago, El Salvador officially accepted #Bitcoin as legal currency, the bill passed with a majority vote.
This is a small step for the world, but a big step for crypto.

If El Salvador succeeds, we will have other countries follow this path. Prior to that, Venezuela in particular accepted Bitcoin as legal currency. But they did not change the history of crypto and save the country because their country had too much inflation before. With different circumstances, please wait for an answer from El Salvador.

Remember in 2018 (#BTC is $7K), when investment funds started to take an interest in #BTC, many people criticized the funds as being small, uninterested... then...
This year, El Salvador was the first country to recognize #BTC, many people also commented similarly, the future will have the answer. El Salvador is a small country but clearly in the last 24 hours the price of BTC has increased by almost 13%, which to me is justified for this news.

The familiar whale gathers another 3706 #Bitcoin

Very beneficial, right? Continue to buy and hold, what about us?
See live data link

BTC on-chain activity is decreasing significantly since May 2021 => The market at present is still uncertain about bullish or bearish conditions. See a more detailed breakdown of this in my next post today.


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