Steemit New User Tracking feature - Proof of Concept - 2nd Update

Steemit New User Tracking

As I am currently working on Proof of Concept of the New User Tracking feature. I would like to share the updates on the same.

Tool Name

I am planning to give this tool name SUT - Steemit User Tracking because SCM will be maintained only for Steemit Contests.


Screenshot 1: New User's list page with post link and other information


Screenshot 2: New User's list page with post link and other information

Update 1: Steem blockchain & Justyy APIs

Thank you to Justyy for providing the API to pull the newly registered user's list (last 7 days)

Some Code Snippet


Screenshot: Code Snippet to get the User profile details


Screenshot: Code Snippet to pull the data and save it to SQL database

Update 2: Getting the New Users list, their latest posts, and profile information

I am able to get the list of Newly Registered Steemit Users with help of APIs provided by Justyy and User's latest posts. I am still figuring out what sort of logic/algorithm I should write to remove the spam posts link.

The current list is big although I have excluded users who have not made any posts yet. There is a possibility that a few of them might publish their first post in few days so the program has to keep checking those users again if they make the first post even after 7 days of sign-up and display on this page.

Currently, I ran the program to pull the list and save all information to my development SQL database. The program ran for around 20 minutes to go through the list of all users, check their first blog, and to fetch their profile information. I need to run the program on daily basis as a background job in the production environment to keep the New User's list with their first blog link updated on #SUT.

I will keep enhancing this program but the current listing page will give details of new User accounts and their recent/latest post.

Update 3: SUT is using SQL Database

This program needs to store the information related to newly registered users, their first post, and profile details so the information is saved in the SQL database.

Next Steps:

  • Deploy the currently developed #SUT on production (for testing) to take feedback from The Greeter Fairy Team and all team members.
  • Write logic/algorithm to exclude the spam accounts/ posts from this list. I am still working on some logic which I will share once implemented and verified.
  • Add pagination on Grid user interface as currently its loading huge data in the first load itself.
  • Add Search parameters by account name and date to start with.
  • Background Job to keep updating this New User's list on a daily basis.
  • Add background job to keep checking New Users post in case they publish their first post after 7 days, maybe till 2 weeks.

The next set of activities will be defined later once the above is accomplished.

That was all the updates related to the Steemit New User Tracking feature. I would really appreciate any feedback/suggestions on this.

Thank you!


**Note: All the screenshots are taken from my development machine.

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Good progress on this.

It would be interesting to see how many new users add their country to their profile.

Thank you

The Steemit Team

For capturing spammers one test might be to look for posts with multiple exteranal urls / links.

And maybe also posts with just a few characters - perhaps less than say 15.

That won't catch all but might catch a significant proportion of spammers.

Thank you.

Sure, I am already pulling User’s profile information so it will be easy to show country as well on the Grid view(if user has updated this information under profile section)

For capturing spammers - yes, I can check the characters count of their post and external urls. I am already calling blog API so performing these validations using program would be straight forward.

Thanks a lot for suggesting these test scenarios.

Also, I verified that many blog posts URLs are not showing actual blog page on Steemit and shows “page not found”. E.g url: xcvxcv/@user/xcvsdf. so i am also planning to check this using program and if it returns “page not found”. i think i can mark those as spam.

I will share few such blog urls here and will try to validate this logic.

true, it might catch a significant proportion of spammers.

very good, but lately a lot of multiple account owners and spreading useless links through their posts.


Yes, I have also observed that. I think we can downvote or flag those posts.

Anyways, such accounts won't be eligible for any support from the Steemit team and Newcomers programs.

Nice work! Thanks for sharing. I am now following.