Steemit Contest Management (SCM) tool - Azure Resource Uses, Metrics and New User Tracking feature feedback

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I would like to share the Microsoft Azure App Service resource uses and metrics of the Steemit Contest Management (SCM) tool.

Below are the Azure App Services metrics for the last 7 days.

CPU Time (Avg): 6.56 min

The max CPU uses shows on September 21st (around 1:00 to 2:00 AM IST), which is around 58.33 mins, just below the 60 minutes limit of the current CPU quote. If this uses increases then I need to move this to the next upper tier on Azure hosting.

Sum Request for SCM : 751

It shows the sum of request made to SCM.

Avg Response Time for SCM : 587.25 ms

The above metrics of Avg. response time of SCM is pretty good, it calls Steemit APIs, reads, check #affable rules and processes users replies in Avg. 587.25 milliseconds and show the result.

New Steemit User Tracking

I am planning to work on the New User Tracking feature addition to SCM.

Feature Details and Uses Case

It will show all new users (filter by 7, 15 or 30 days) on #SCM who has signed up on Steemit and made at least one post. The Steem Greeter Fairy team will check that blog of the user and guide user to join the Newcomers community, will explain the achievement and 500 SP support program by adding a reply in the user's blog post.

Also, after few days, this reply can be automated in SCM with message template defined by the Steem Greeter Fairy team.


I have observed that many users who joins without anyone's referral (without existing Steem user's help), they are sometimes unable to figure out from where to start and they becomes an inactive account in few days. This feature will help Steem Greeter team to guide them in right direction and could try to retain them.

As per my analysis, In the last 3-4 days, out of 100 new users only around max 10 users or less has tried to post something in a random community and others have not performed any activity. I will share this report with precise details in the next post.

Please guide/suggest me if this is something helpful for Steemit or I am just thinking/focusing too much on the new users?

This feedback will help me in deciding my next steps.

Thank you!


**Note: All the screenshots are taken from Source:, account which is managed by me.


Thank you for your work on this.

The New User Tracking feature sounds very interesting.

Picking up unattached new users as soon as possible and getting them connected with the Steem Greeters will be very useful to help prevent quick drop-out and improve retention.

If you have to move to the next tier of Azure hosting what sort of cost does that have?

The Steemit Team

Thank you Steemit Team for the support and for sharing your feedback on the "New User Tracking" feature.

The current SCM instance is running on Dev environment with Free tier.

For the starting basic plan for the production instance on Azure would be INR 4825 / month (estimated).

I am attaching the screenshot in the below reply for the reference.


Thank you!

Thank you for the extra information.

If you do move to the next level of hosting, do please make a separate post about it.

The Steemit Team

Sure, I will make a separate post whenever it requires upgrading to the next tier of hosting.

Thank you for reviewing this.

Picking up unattached new users as soon as possible and getting them connected with the Steem Greeters will be very useful to help prevent quick drop-out and improve retention.

yes, this is what we have discussed too, and come up with the idea of making a bot that could track the newcomers once they posted their first post on steemit, or even better, once they created their account then sending them a message on their wallet letting them know about the existence of Newcomers Community and The Steem Greeters Team.

Is it better to go via wallet or via first post like APPICS?

Many new users may not notice wallet memos perhaps?

I think better via first post like appics. Then the bot account has all the details info about newcomers' community and other community on steemit on the bot account first post and on the bot comment itself like appics greeting bots.

I am a new user and I find it very hard to navigate here.
I will gladly appreciate your mentoring and grooming.
I hope to have responses.
Thanks so much

There is a set of achievements prepared by @cryptokannon for newcomers.

  1. First go to New Comers Community

  2. Read this summary about achievements.

  3. First achievement is an self introduction. This is the rules for the post.

  4. Likewise, you can do all achievements. You can learn about steemit related things while rewarding



Thanks a lot.
I'm obliged to hit the follow botton

It will show all new users (filter by 7, 15 or 30 days) on #SCM who has signed up on Steemit and made at least one post.

Definitely it will help Steem Greeter Team and I am sure we can organize & streamline the things quite fast. Better tracking will be possible.

Thank you so much for this beautiful addition to this ecosystem.

Steem on.

Thank you Sapwood for the feedback.
I really appreciate that.

Thank you @neerajkr03 for having the intention to materialized the idea of new user tracking. I was dreaming of some developer would make it come true and you gonna do it finally. Thank you for being active in the discussion for ideas and improvement for The Steem Greeters Team and working on it to make the ideas into reality. I'm glad you are on Steemit.

Thank you for your kind words. I am glad to be part of Steemit and The Steem Greeters Team. I really appreciate you and everyone for all their support, mentorship and guidance.

Every day I am trying to learn more about Steem blockchain and thinking possible ways to help grow the Steemit platform.

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