jsBLURT project dev update - about to add delegation info command

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Hello, this is @joviansummer. I'm developing a BLURT blockchain explorer on Telegram messenger. If you're interested, please check the link below:

[ENG] jsBLURT project - blockchain explorer on Telegram messenger

As account operations log function is in design phase and will likely take some time, I diverted part of my development effort to another command which can be done relatively quickly.

"/deleg" is a command to check your active & expiring delegations. Currently I'm testing and fixing some minor issues.

If everything goes smooth, I expect to deploy this command in a few days.

Now, jsBLURT has 4 commands. Start a Telegram chat session with "jsblurt_bot" and try them(except the /deleg command of course).

/help: show help message
/stat: account status information
/wstat: witness status information
/deleg: delegation information(in testing phase, will be added in a few days)

Thank you for reading!

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