[ENG] jsBLURT project - BLURT blockchain explorer on Telegram messenger

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Hello, this is @joviansummer. Recently I started developing a Telegram chat-bot which can be used as a kind of BLURT blockchain explorer.

STEEM already has a great blockchain explorer, SteemWorld(https://steemworld.org) by @steemchiller. But BLURT's official blockchain explorer is not working well right now. So I decided to develop a simple blockchain explorer using Telegram chat-bot.

If you're also using BLURT as well, you might find this project useful.

This project, named jsBLURT, has just started, so there is only one command available now(except "/help"). I will add more features in the future.

How to use:
In your Telegram app or web session(https://web.telegram.org), search "jsblurt_bot" and start a chat-session.

Now, you can send a command to jsblurt chat-bot. Currently, "/stat" command is supported. For example, send a command as follows:

/stat joviansummer

jsblurt will reply with @joviansummer's BLURT POWER & voting power. As you have guessed, this command is for account status information. If you have a BLURT account, try checking your account with "/stat" command. I'm planning to add more information to "/stat" reply.


I think this project could be ported to STEEM blockchain relatively easily, but I doubt there will be enough demand for it.

Thank you for reading!

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