Steemphotos contest #17 || Essay on my home town

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Greetings, friends, and family.
I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying time with their loved ones.

I'm Jyoti, and I oversee #steemphotos. Today, I'm pleased to announce the start of Contest #17 .

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Contest Details:-

The contest's subject is "Essay on my home town ".

All you have to do to participate in this contest is to describe at least 5 things about your home town and post photos here of some important places in your home town.

Everyone is familiar with their hometown because it is such a popular subject. As a result, writing an essay on this subject is another engaging activity that gives all Steemians the chance to discover more about their home cities.

The contest is open to all Steemit members and must write at least 300 words, as well as at least two photos. You can make a post in any language (English translation is optional).


Contest Prize:

We have decided to giveaway 11 steems pool prizes as below:
1st Prize- 5 steems
2nd Prize- 3 steems
3rd Prize- 2 steems
and a chance to get surprise upvotes from curators.

Contest deadline is10th October 2022, 11.59 am UTC .


Contest Rules to be Followed:

• Contest posts must be submitted only in the #steemphotos community.

• Title should be "Steemphotos contest #17 || Essay on my home town by @user".

• Post must have at least 2 pictures, preferably a selfie with those 5 things.

• A quality writing article must have at least 300 words.

• Participant must have joined any of one club such as #club5050 or #club75 or #club100.

• Use tags #Creativewriting #photography and the club you are in, for example, #club5050.

• Add #burnsteem25 tag if you set 25% beneficiary to @null.

• Pictures must be your own, copying pictures from the internet is not allowed.

• Don’t post any Plagiarised or illegal content.

• Follow @steemphotos.

• Invite at least three friends to take part in the contest.

• Submit your post link in the comment section of this post.

• Upvote and Resteem this post.

Set 10% Beneficiary to @steemphotos.


Cc: @kyrie1234, @arshani, @mrsokal, @sualeha, @eliany, @abiga554
@disconnect, @lavanyalakshman,@ranarahman

25% of this post is going to @null



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This contest has been included in the daily Active Contest List

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 6 months ago 

Thank you for the listing

 6 months ago 

It’s an interesting and creating contest. I Will try to participate. And i invited some friends to participate in this contest.
@pathanapsana, @aaru, @pea07, @dove11, @sahmie, @dederanggayoni, @mahyulmaulana, @palang, @m-fdo, @jal08

 6 months ago 

terimakasih banyak,anda sudah mempercai saya untyk mengambil bagian,dalam kontes ini..dengan senag hati saya akan mencibanya

Thank you for the invite.. Lets see what I've left in my tank.

 6 months ago 

Thank you dear friend for inviting me..
I will try to participate in this contest

Thank you very much for inviting me.@ranarahman.

 6 months ago 

Thanks for invite mate, I will post soon.

 5 months ago 

gracias esto es un homenaje a mi

 6 months ago 

Nice contest from you. Its very simple ,huge members will participate this time.

 6 months ago 

entry #1

Congratulations, your post has been upvoted by @dsc-r2cornell, which is the curating account for @R2cornell's Discord Community.

Curated by Blessed-girl


Enhorabuena, su "post" ha sido "up-voted" por @dsc-r2cornell, que es la "cuenta curating" de la Comunidad de la Discordia de @R2cornell.

Visit our Discord - Visita nuestro Discord

 6 months ago 

Thank you very much

 5 months ago 


 6 months ago 
 5 months ago 


 5 months ago 

entry #3

Menurut saya ini merupakan kontes yang sangat menarik, mudah-mudahan saya dapat mengikutinya.

Terima kasih telah mengundang saya di kontes ini

Woow this is awesome hehehe ☺️😆

This is very exciting contest.


Your post has been successfully curated by @inspiracion at 40%.

Set 10% Beneficiary to @steemphotos. Assigning a beneficiary should not be among the rules. This should be optional, and don't put it in the rules.

Thank you for your committed efforts, we urge you to do more and keep posting high quality contests for a chance to earn valuable upvotes from our team of curators and why not be selected for an additional upvote in the weekly list of Top Contests.

 6 months ago 

Thank you for the great support @inspiracion

It's amazing good work

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