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The goal of the BDCommunity is to establish a strong bond in the Steem Blockchain and to support especially Bangladeshi steemians. BDCommunity rewards members for the wonderful contents they produce. The community always addresses important complexion regarding the overall quality of a post that goes beyond any informative content, and also exhibit how to maintain the standard.

In order to achieve better results regarding the quality of the content, our team members read many posts every day. We believe that the curation of content, adding the greatest value on Steem. To inspire and support those authors for putting their effort we support over 12 content daily and approximate 84 plus quality contents per week.


A few words about the nomination:

We curate only original content. Articles, art, poetry, videos, recipes, religious etc. We prefer Bangla and English language. Good and quality content is relatively easy to create. A low quality and plagiarized article fall flat. A strong article develops the chance of getting support, changes minds, gains followers, carries weight. Of course, everybody has something interesting to say. So go and create some!

We release every week the list of authors who have caught the attention of the curation team.

Sunny weather during the Lockdown



Hello all! On the 25th day of the Lockdown period in the Aceh region especially in the area of the Lhokseumawe Pusong Lama Village, the natural conditions are getting brighter, you can see it in the picture contained in this post, how the sky is so blue and bright today, the sky is so clean because...

Cheap mentality & it's problem


Cover Image

It’s a big problem of any society. People with cheap mentality is like a canser for any kind of society. It act like a social enemy and I think it’s more powerful enemy than poverty. Though we all the people belonging in this world are fighting Against poverty but we should be more aware about our ...

Another Way How to Maintain a Healthy Body and Skin


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I have consumed the sterile cow's milk from the Nestle brand for a long time. In contrast to cow's milk products in general, 'Bear Brand' milk has been sterilized above boiling point so that Bear Brand milk is able to be protected from bacterial contamination. The benefits of 'Bear Brand' milk that I...

Day 10 of 30 Home Yoga Challenge to combat Covid-19



Hello everyone! I have now been doing yoga every day for 10 days. Below is the video documenting my day 10 yoga practice.

What is the 30 day Yoga Challenge? This is a challenge I started for myself. Doing yoga every single day for 30 days. It doesn't matter how many...

A Year Ago in Venice


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Last year, I spent Holy Week in Italy. I stayed in Venice the first several days of my trip before heading to Vatican City for the Triduum Sacrum. As I reminisce the time spent in Venice, I likewise want to share the enjoyable experience with you through this article. The Water Taxi Ride to...

My daily life. Walk around


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Every day it’s getting harder and harder to find something interesting and surprising in the space in which you find yourself in the lockdown mode. We have a ban on leaving the house. Therefore, the surrounding space is becoming more and more studied every day. You follow how the roses bloom and how...

From April 05, 2020 to April 12, 2020, we rewarded 63 unique authors who have produced quality content. The 63 authors who received votes from @bdcommunity and the trail are:

@tussar11, @blessed-girl, @funtraveller, @themanualbot, @maxwellmarcusart, @uadigger, @blind-spot, @rehan12, @k-banti, @deepu7, @d-pend, @nuthman, @cranium, @txatxy, @nextgen622, @macchiata, @lucky-guy, @anggreklestari, @garrybobidson, @yiobri, @dfacademy, @strawhat, @madushanka, @acesontop, @tattoodjay, @sarakey, @razu788, @simplifylife, @mraggaj, @thekittygirl, @galenkp, @juancar347, @sultan-aceh, @wira8788, @sofathana, @for91days, @the01crow, @cryptopie, @davidad, @amikphoto, @barski, @phortun, @yashny, @rezoanulvibes, @silversaver888, @fmbs25, @dswigle, @ninahaskin, @syuhada73, @prostosun, @magicmonk, @rana2423, @steem-venera, @fionasfavourites, @hafizullah, @wendyth16, @gulia.peito, @unlonely-soul, @syedumair, @elsiekjay, @steemer-sayu907, @miroslavrc, @marcybetancourt

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