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The goal of BDCommunity is to support not only Bangladeshi users but everyone who needs it. BDCommunity rewards users for the wonderful content they produce. In order to find and reward quality content, every day our curators scour through the chain finding deserving contents. To inspire and support those authors we upvote over 10 contents daily and approximately over 80 quality contents per week.


A few words about the nomination:

We curate only original articles, art, poetry, videos, recipes, etc written in Bengali and the English language. Everybody has something interesting to say. So go and create some!

Here are the list of articles which have caught the attention of our team, this week.

What I talk about when I talk about running

By @ramengirl

Cover Image

By the time I was a junior high school student Japanese novels became super popular, and I used to go to the school library every lunchtime and read Murakami Haruki's books. At that time, I thought I understood his novel, but looking back, there were a lot of books that were a bit difficult to under...

Beautiful photographs of tiny Flowers.

By @tussar11

Cover Image

Hello friends I hope you are all fine. I'm fine too. In this post I have shared photos of tiny flowers that look different. Photos of this flower I took during the Valley of Flowers trek. There are many varieties of flowers in the Valley of Flowers. This is a type of flower. The composition of this...

I wish I could go back to the 'Mustard' filed!

By @rem-steem

Cover Image

It feels like I have to start using the phrase 'many years ago'. Because it feels like I'm living inside forever. I'm not seeing the world for so many days. And the future is filled with uncertainty. We can't take a date or predict anything when this misery will end. So... many years ago, I had the...

Looking Back on the Phones We Had Then

By @iyanpol12

Source: Pixabay Things has been evolving including technology. Three decades ago, who would've thought we will have touch screen phones like what we have today. Who would've thought blockchain and cryptocurrencies will exist? Never...

Cheese Cookies that Cure Bad Moods

By @anggreklestari

Cover Image

Bad mood is very dangerous for our daily life. It easily spreads throughout us and ruins the day. Food can be a bad mood remedy for some people, but it doesn't necessarily work quickly effectively. This time I have a recipe for cheese cookies that makes us no longer think to be upset, angry, or even...

Photo album

By @amikphoto

Cover Image

Read this post on for the best experience My native city During the isolation period, due to a viral pandemic, one has to sit at home and if one gets out somewhere, it is not far away. The desire to go on a long trip - to look at other cities, the wonders of nature and man-made objects...

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