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The goal of BDCommunity is to support not only Bangladeshi users but everyone who needs it. BDCommunity rewards users for the wonderful content they produce. In order to find and reward quality content, every day our curators scour through the chain finding deserving contents. To inspire and support those authors we upvote over 10 contents daily and approximately over 80 quality contents per week.


A few words about the nomination:

We curate only original articles, art, poetry, videos, recipes, etc written in Bengali and the English language. Everybody has something interesting to say. So go and create some!

Here are the list of articles which have caught the attention of our team, this week.

Drawing Steemmonster's Untamed Monsters Day-3: Drawing the "KRON THE UNDYING"

By @linco

Cover Image

Hello everyone, Take my humble greetings and welcome to my blog. I hope you all are having a good day. I am an art lover and also sometimes try to draw something that inspires me. Today I randomly choose another Untamed monster from the Splinterlands. The untamed Legendary monster name is "KRON THE...

Rice and dried fish sauce for breakfast.

By @gloriaolar

Cover Image

Good morning beautiful Steemians, This morning I woke up feeling a little weak but I had to pull myself together and I feel much better now. So for breakfast, I decided to make rice and dried fish sauce. Its an easy and delicious delicacy to cook. INGREDIENTS USED. Rice Tomatoes Pepper Onions Dried...

Keep the Feeling Alive, Express it

By @hafizullah

Cover Image

Hello Friends, For various reasons we have different kinds of feelings, although we do not always have the opportunity to express all kinds of feelings, and in many cases do not have the courage to express feelings. In fact, we have feelings about everything, we have the desire to express something...

Photo Kaleidoscope ~ Walk in Berlin

By @zirochka

Cover Image

Happy Friday, folks! The week is almost over. Would we like a walkout? Finish up your tasks and put your warm cloth on. Of course, I remember about the lockdown, so we will walk in space and time - to Berlin in December. As a well-mannered person, I start the walk with flowers :) It was the fall sea...

Close Encounters

By @old-guy-photos

Cover Image

Who is this masked villain?!? Well it all started just the other day when the masked man bugger photobombed my video!

Now today I went to go out for a walk. I spied the bugger again! I went out in the remnants of the evening, the gloaming. The very end of golden hour...

Travelogue S31 - Kerala - Islam in India, the oldest mosque in India

By @sajannair

Cover Image

An ancient Mosque built during the time of Prophet Mohammed(PUBH) in God's own country ! Sounds incredible and yet its true. The Cheraman Jumma Masjid was built in 629 AD. Kerala the province where its located is one of the most sought after tourist destinations in the world. We both had a chance to...

From May 02, 2020 to May 09, 2020, we rewarded 50 unique authors. The 50 authors who received votes from @bdcommunity and the trail are:

@simplifylife, @zpzn, @strawhat, @drew0, @firefly2020, @linco, @ifte, @dante31, @hlezama, @acesontop, @rezalhok, @priyanarc, @galenkp, @samminator, @shuvo35, @fmbs25, @madushanka, @betterthanhome, @tatdt, @eco-alex, @bala41288, @rem-steem, @kouba01, @zellypearl, @abitcoinskeptic, @anggreklestari, @tussar11, @k-banti, @blind-spot, @hafizullah, @rehan12, @rezoanulvibes, @mdnayimislam, @josediccus, @minhaz007, @sajannair, @borran, @wasiulafif, @armandosodano, @deepu7, @blessed-girl, @gloriaolar, @knowhow92, @old-guy-photos, @yousafharoonkhan, @sajibibon84, @udezee, @zirochka, @ybanezkim26, @prostosun

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