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Happy Friday, folks!

The week is almost over. Would we like a walkout? Finish up your tasks and put your warm cloth on. Of course, I remember about the lockdown, so we will walk in space and time - to Berlin in December.

As a well-mannered person, I start the walk with flowers :) It was the fall season when I took these photos, or to be more precise, in December, and the flowers are to the time of year.


The first thing we meet in Berlin is its visiting card and a symbol of the city - Berlin Bear. By the way, I didn't have an idea about that until I came to Berlin for the first time.


The mystery is that no one knows exactly why a bear. More precisely, the bear was taken from the coat of arms of the city, but it did not appear there at first. Initially, an eagle was depicted on the coat of arms. And only later, in 1280, a bear joined him. And then he completely replaced the eagle. But no one exactly found out (although there are several theories) how the bear got in on the coat of arms of Berlin.

And we go on. Here you have a choice. We can rent a pretty car and take a guided city tour, or we can explore it by ourselves, walking by feet or by public transport.

I suppose you recognized German legend Volkswagen Käfer or Volkswagen Beetle —officially the Volkswagen Type 1. It is considered the most popular car model of all time, and the most massive model produced without reviewing the basic design.

“Most customers will not like it,” was the conclusion of an authoritative commission. “It is ugly, its engine is too loud, which means that producing this model on a commercial scale is unprofitable.”

The company started its production in 1938. When the 15007034th “Beetle” rolled off the assembly line in Wolfsburg in 1972, Volkswagen broke the record for the production of the famous “Model T” by Henry Ford. The last Volkswagen Beetle, identical to the one released in 1945, rolled off the assembly line in Mexico in 2003. By that time, more than 21.5 million cars (21 529 464) of this model have already been produced in the world. (source).


Wow, pretty cool, yeah?

Here it is a unique attribute of Berlin, a part of Berlin Wall. Walking in the city center, you will see them here and there along the line where it stood. Parts of the wall are now decorated with street art and became street art objects too, but first of all, it is an essential part of the world's history.


Wow, what do I see, a wedding in the middle of a party! This moment is a part of this wedding ceremony. I am not sure it is common but very joyful. The bride and groom cut a hole in the shape of a heart with scissors, and then the bridegroom has to carry the bride in his arms through it, while all guests are blowing bubbles. Fun, isn't it?



A few more steps and we are by the river. This is Jungfern Bridge, the oldest bridge in Berlin. Its name can be translated from German as virgin's bridge. Once, it was one of nine similar, but now left the last of its kind. the bridge was built in about 1701.


Just around the corner, you might notice a group sculpture at a small square. It is "St George Slaying The Dragon". It illustrates the famous legend of Saint George and the Dragon. The saint saved the princess from a dragon, who demanded human sacrifice.

Aren't you tired yet? What about a sweet break? I know an amazing place where always a party and dizzying aromas. Rausch Schokoladenhaus at Gendarmenmarkt.


Pretty far to go by feet, I agree. Not a fan of chocolate? Okay, it is Christmas time, so we can visit a Christmas Market, have a snack and grab fun souvenirs. I hope this one will make you smile.


Or... we can stop in a cozy small cafe in the street. Make yourself comfortable and relax. Because next is ...


... some climb. You climb, and I belay you down. You can open all pictures in a new tab to see it in bigger size. Because you might be curious what is this all for? I can explain. I noticed this street art at the wall on a building behind a high blind fence. And I was curious so much that ... I found a construction made of a few concrete blocks, and my husband helped me to climb up and check it out, and take couple of shots. Do you think it was worth my ... exercising?


Okay, regardless of your final verdict, we must draw down and return before a foreman will see us over those pipes. Besides, I just recalled... I have to make some work done.

Thank you for walking with me! I hope it was an interesting part of you Friday. Have a nice rest of the day and stay tuned



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