Upcoming Soap Making, Magic Soap and Foliar Feeding

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We now have over 100 bars of Soap curing, the first 100 were made using about 1 Gallon of Oil, and 8 lbs of Fat, plus a few other ingredients. Now we have 3 Gallons of Oil, 1 Canola, 1 Vegetable, 1 Olive Oil, and soon we will be getting a few 5 Gallon pails of better Oils, as well as Butters (Shae Butter, Coco Butter, etc) and Gallons of Hydrolyzed Plant Materials, and we have several Herbs and Spices we will be mixing in different recipes. We will also be getting a lot of Buttermilk Powder, and Beeswax.

So 100 Curing, enough Oil to make like 300 more, then we will be getting lots of Lard, Tallow, Ghee, Milk, Glycerine, etc. Then the 5 Gallon pails, so we will be able to make Thousands of Bars of Soap. And we will be using Ancient Spells to create the Recipes. For example, Theives Oil used by people pickpocketing dead bodies during the Plague, is it just a Mixture meant to disinfect like Alcohol, or does that particular mixture of herbs activate your immune system via Induction and Inhibition of Enzymes? There is a Chinese Liver cleaning mixture, it is a combination of 7 herbs, likely using the same understanding as Theives Oil, it is Enzyme based. We will be using this knowledge and understanding to create our Soaps.

In Gardening and Farming there is a Concept called "Foliar Feeding" which is where you, for example, use a spray bottle to create a Nutrient blend and spray the leaves to feed the plant. The Word "Foliage" and "Foliar", are related to "Folic Acid", "Hair Follicle", "Exfoliate", because Skin speak is like Leaf speak. If the Roots of a Plant are like the Tongue, then the Leaves are like the Skin. Both need to be fed, this is now being shown to everyone in TV commercials talking about Ceramides, Retinol, Vitamin E and Vitamin C, these feed you skin.

The best way to think of how this works is to understand that an Avocado Face mask feeds your skin, while a Charcoal mask is meant to scrub and clean, and Sugar scrubs are maybe meant to do both. You can also see this happening in Petri Dishes, in which you brush a thin layer of Dead Cell Husks (Agar) which other Cells then feed on, creating new Cells, thereby growing. Another concept to help everyone understand this is Yogurt, which is a Probiotic Bacteria, meaning when you eat it parts of it go to live inside of you and help your stomach work.

We will be selling on Etsy, as well as trading for BLURT, STEEM or HIVE. And there will be lots of pictures, soon I will create posts describing each batch and the background of its ingredients.

"All the springs which the Bacchanals see leaping up from the ground under their feet, whenever Dionysus stirs them and earth in a common convulsion, spring up in plenty for these Indians also when they are entertaining or being entertained. Apollonius therefore was right in saying that people provided as they are with all they want offhand and without having prepared anything, possess what they do not possess. And on principle they grow their hair long, as the Lacedaemonians did of old and the people of Thurium and Tarentum, as well as the Melians and all who set store by the fashions of Sparta; and they bind a white turban on their heads, and their feet are naked for walking and they cut their garments to resemble the exomis 1. But the material of which they make their raiment is a wool that springs wild from the ground, white like that of the Pamphylians, though it is of softer growth, and a grease like olive oil distills from off it. This is what they make their sacred vesture of, and if anyone else except these Indians tries to pluck it up, the earth refuses to surrender its wool. And they all carry both a ring and a staff of which the peculiar virtues can effect all things, and the one and the other, so we learn, are prized as secrets... “We,” said the other, “O Apollonius, can see all spiritual traits, for we trace and detect them by a thousand signs. But as it is nearly midday, and we must get ready our offerings for the Gods, let us now employ ourselves with that, and afterwards let us converse as much as you like; but you must take part in all our religious rites.” “By Zeus,” said Apollonius, “I should be wronging the Caucasus and the Indus, both of which I have crossed in order to reach you, if I did not feast myself on your rites to the full.” “Do so,” said the other, “and let us depart.”...ACCORDINGLY they betook themselves to a spring of water, which Damis, who saw it subsequently, says resembles that of Dirce in Boeotia; and first they stripped, and then they anointed their heads with an amber-like drug, which imparted such a warmth to these Indians, that their bodies steamed and the sweat ran off them as profusely as if they were washing themselves with fire; next they threw themselves into the water and, having so taken their bath, they betook themselves to the temple with wreaths upon their heads and full of sacred song. And they stood round in the form of a chorus, and having chosen Iarchas as conductor they struck the earth, uplifting their rods, and the earth arched itself like a billow of the sea and raised them up two cubits high into the air. But they sang a song resembling the paean of Sophocles which they sing at Athens in honor of Asclepius. But when they had alighted upon the ground, Iarchas called the stripling who carried the anchor and said: “Do you look after the companions of Apollonius.” And he went off swifter than the quickest of the birds, and coming back again said: “I have looked after them.” Having fulfilled then the most of their religious rites, they sat down to rest upon their seats, but Iarchas said to the stripling: “Bring out the throne of Phraotes for the wise Apollonius that he may sit upon it to converse with us.”" -https://universaltheosophy.com/legacy/works/life-of-apollonius/


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