Steem Women Club Community Contest #10 HAIR CARE ' || With Natural Ingredients At Home | BIG AWARDS

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Hello beautiful women of Steem Women Club community;

Yesterday I announced the results of the contest you shared your love with. The majority of contest posts have been voted by curators. The support of the curators to the community is enormous. It is an indication that we are working for you. Thanks in particular to @steemcurator01 @joanna018. Their support for you in this community is huge. Thank you very much for your quality posts.

• We broke a record in participation in the competition. There are 139 people participated in the contest. There were more participants than the previous competition. I wrote comments by reading all of them one by one. Also, after the end of the contest, participants can try their luck in the next contest. You should pay attention to the date of the contest.

If you follow the rules and prepare quality articles, of course your chances of getting votes will increase. With the #Steemexclusive hashg, we make sure it's exclusive to Steemit.
I send 5 quality posts to curators every day that don't get votes. This is how we try to support unrated quality posts. I will continue to select quality contest posts that have not received votes.

Contest Result link;
Steem Women Club Community Contest # 9 DECLARE YOUR LOVE RESULT | 3 WINNERS ! | What is Next ?

• Curators @steemcurator01, @steemcurator02 @booming1 and @booming04 also support quality content. Thanks not only to myself but to all women for their support. Quality posts received extra votes.

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What is the subject of the competition?

This competition will be practical. We were very touched by your emotional words in the previous one. this time it's time for women to take care of themselves! We will care of our hair.

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Contest Tips;


• Give a detailed explanation.

• Write with 300 words

• Show the picture of the materials

• explain in stages

• talk about the benefit

• Show the final form of your hair

•Hair may be at the dyeing stage.

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About the Competition

As women, we love to care. Some of us hairdressers and some of us care at home with natural ingredients. Our hair loses its strength due to seasons, stress and natural factors. It absolutely needs care. This contest allows us to pamper our hair. It provides an opportunity for us to do maintenance we haven't done for a long time.

•Of course, it is valid for people who will dye their hair. It will be valid if you follow the rules.

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Contest Rules;

You must share your post in the SteemWomen Club community
Pictures must be your own
Resteem the contest post
your post must be your own
Invite your friends
More than 300 words
You should use the #steemwomenclub and #womenclubhaircare tags.(Don't Forget)!!

  • The reason we make this tag is to keep the contest posts together and the selection is easy.

Pay attention to the contest dates.

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Natural hair care that works.png

Competition Awards;

You know, I explained before that the reward system has changed. I mentioned that we will be supported by @Booming accounts. From now on, our Contest winners will be supported by @booming01 and @booming04.

1st Winner Prize: 100% upvote by @booming01 (Approximately $25)

2nd Winner Prize: 100% upvote by @booming01 ($25)

3rd Winner Prize: 100% upvote by @booming04 ( $25)

I will send it to the community support program for the quality post I will choose on the 4th and 5th winner. I will get you votes. For this reason, there will be 3 winners. 4th and 5th the winner will receive a surprise vote.

•Curators have different votes for everyone. Votes outside the competition are not guaranteed.

•If your post past 7 days is selected, your active post will be voted on.

#contest You can also get support from different curators using the tag.

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My Awards Are Not Awarded. What Can I Do?


If you do not receive votes from the competition awards; Sometimes curators are too busy, or they can be overlooked. you can kindly forward this to me on discord. We will tell this to the necessary people. The result of the competition is definitely announced on the 8th and 9th days. Therefore, if you participate in the contest on the first day and win, the contest prize, which is 100%, is given to your active post. There may be a question in your mind for those who do not know this. Both the curators and I note that the votes are cast.

  • And I want to say that; @steemcurator01 and @steemcurator02 give high ratings to the posts I selected for the community support program. We work together to support you. WE ARE STRONGER TOGETHER ! Let's win together and achieve our goal.

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 3 months ago 

I finally managed to share my post, I hope you can enjoy it and good luck to you all.

Steem Women Club Community Contest #10 HAIR CARE ' | Hair mask based on avocado, coconut oil, and honey 🥑 [TUTORIAL]

This time I do think I can sign up for this contest.
Good vibes.

 3 months ago 

Go ahead friend you can't miss it. Greetings..

I am waiting for your contest entry :)

 3 months ago 

Interesting!! Really excited to participate.

 3 months ago 

Yo también estoy emocionada, esperamos tu participación.

I am waiting for your contest entry :)

 3 months ago 

Mi cabello te lo agradece, estoy motivada a concursar y sera beneficiado con este tratamiento natural.

 3 months ago 

Por supuesto querida, seguro nuestras compañeras nos traerán los mejores tratamientos. Así que no puedes perderte este concurso estará buenisimo y habrá mucho premios

I am waiting for your contest entry :)

Que bueno. Estare participando. Hace poco hice un post de un tratamiento natural pero para este concurso hablare de otro tratamiento que me gusta aplicarmelo.

 3 months ago 

Interesante amiga, seguro será de mucha utilidad para todas nosotras. Esperamos tu participación. Xoxoxo

I am waiting for your contest entry :)

Muy buen concurso, hace rato se me venia ocurriendo, estaré preparando mi entrada

 3 months ago 

Te esperamos querida. Mucha suerte..

Interesante este concuro, ya tengo en mente lo que les voy a compartir a mis amigas.. Saludos

thanks :)

Excelente tema, ya preparare mi participación...

 3 months ago 

No puedo perderme lo. Seguro traseras algo genial.

I am waiting for your contest entry :)

Me encanta esta propuesta, haré mi participación. Gracias!!

 3 months ago 

Gracias querida te esperamos.

I am waiting for your contest entry :)

I love caring for my hair. WOw,this is a beautiful contest. My hair is fixed with weavon, I hope I can use my big sis' hair @steemwomensclub

 3 months ago 

Of course friend cheer up.

of course I am waiting for your contest entry :)

 3 months ago 

Good topic, interesting to acquire more knowledge about hair care. Hair is a great cover letter for women.

 3 months ago 

Without a doubt, our hair is very important and it should always look amazing. We look forward to your participation friend.

I am waiting for your contest entry :)

Hola, saludos, excelente tema @steemwomensclub

 3 months ago 

Anímate amiga mirla te esperamos.

Saludos @steemwomensclub, estoy nueva por esta comunidad que interesante la propuesta, veo que hacen muy buenos concursos, tengo muy buenas expectativas con esta comunidad, espero estar por acá presente en los concursos e interactuar con las amigas. Saludos

 3 months ago 

Hola linda. Bienvenida puedes compartir tu introducción con nosotros para conocerte y que todas te conozcan. También te invito a participar en este nuevo concurso que estará súper divertido.

Muchas gracias por la Bienvenida @saracampero, si espero participar en este concurso. Gracias.

I am waiting for your contest entry :)

 3 months ago 

Since I found out about the subject I loved it. I will try to do my best.

 3 months ago 

Gracias por participar linda. Mucha suerte

 3 months ago 

Gracias por compartir esta mascarilla con nosotras. Mucha suerte. XOX

Gracias bella mujer

Nice contest at @steemwomensclub , this is a good idea that every lady has to contribute to because in one or the other we have tried home hair treatment and i believe we will also learn from each others post .

Expect my entry soon...

Thanks . I will wait your contest post :)

 3 months ago 

xD que divertida imagen animada (.gif) me encanto. :D Gracias por participar

Hola amiga, muchas gracias
abrazos amiga

Hola amigas, por aquí dejo mi Entrada


Suerte para todas.!

интересный конкурс, женский-женский)

мой твит - делюсь с друзьями и приглашаю -

мой пост -

 3 months ago (edited)

Will be the first contestant for this contest and my link for the post is

 3 months ago 

Thank you very much for participating my dear. I loved it.

I am waiting for your contest entry :)

thanks :)

excellent contest. Can I make my post taking care of my girl's hair ?, for several days I have been trying a natural mask that is giving good results on her curls

Hola! Aquí les comparto mi breve presentación unida a mi participación en este maravilloso concurso. Suerte a todas

Hi This is my entry. It was an amazing competition. I came to know so many different and easy hair mask gonna try them .

Oh, wow! What a beautiful topic. I will join again.

 3 months ago 

We are waiting for you dear.

I am waiting for your contest entry :)

Mi entrada a darle un cariñito a mi cabello se lo merece.

WhatsApp Image 2021-02-26 at 8.04.17 PM.jpeg

Hola amigas esta es mi participación, como soy nueva tuve un error pero ya pude corregir, estoy emocionada por este mi primer concurso... UN ABRASO Y BENDICIONES....


That was amazing contest, thx for this!

Hello beautiful women from the Steem Women Club community, here my participation treatment for hair loss and growth

155801792_291978985821103_151873466386891642_n.jpgIt worked for me and I continue to do it eventually.
I want to invite @wordofthisdgirl, @sammy1109, @roxanaleonc and @caleiny

Hi dears, share my post. I hope it is to your liking. It was a pleasure to share my hair care tips with you.

Steem Women Club Community Contest #10 HAIR CARE | Apple cider vinegar - Cuticle Sealer and Shine 🍎 [TUTORIAL][ESP|ENG]


Aqui mi participación.disculpe por no haberlo puesto antes, se que ya estoy participando pero hacer las cosas bien es lo correcto saludos!

Hola, aquí les dejo mi Participación, de gracias por la oportunidad y conocimientos de belleza

Thankyou @steemwomensclub, this a very beautiful contest entry.
Some of us here in Africa especially in some areas, do not have good testure of hair.
But I apply treatment on my hair.
In this contest, I'm applying olive oil, honey and vitamin E capsule.
Wait for my entry.

Hola querida comunidad aquí les dejo mi entrada y participación en el concurso con mi mascarilla de linaza♥

Here is entry link @svm038.

I am sorry it came late
Thank you.

Hola mis hermosisimas mujeres bellas y luchadoras, esta es mi primera participación en un concurso y en esta comunidad espero les guste... Besos..


 2 months ago 

Hello friend, I had some problems with my internet that made it impossible to publish on time, here I leave my participation.
Concurso de la Comunidad del Club de Mujeres Steem #10 CUIDADO DEL PELO ' || Con ingredientes naturales en casa./Áloe Vera.

Greetings and good wishes.

Mi participación: disculpe fue punlicada a tiempo solo fue que desconocia que habia que publicar el link en este post.