Contest # 27 | Promote Steem Women's Club on Social Media | Invite Your Friends

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I allocate 50% rewards of this post to @womenclubcharity.

Hello everyone!

We have applied for the September Support Program. In order to receive better support, we must show that we are capable of utilizing the support for the best interests of the community - that is to reach our curatorship goal, increase engagement in the community, and do promotions to bring more valuable members.

The curatorship goal can be reached quickly if we get the support but to get it we have to retain a good amount of active members and healthy engagement in the community. It is the joint effort of the SWC team and its prestigious members that we have come this far. To play my little role, I am here again to arrange a contest for you all.

This contest is sponsored by esteemed @cryptokraze. I thank him on behalf of all the women for his generosity and his appreciable efforts for women's empowerment.




Promote Steem Women's Club on Social Media

In this digital era, advertisements and promotions have become very easy. The globe is connected with each other through social media. We can easily make effective promotions through social media apps.


How to do the promotions?

  • Prepare a promotional material (e.g banner, flyer, placard, video, post, etc)

  • Talk or write about your experience in Steem Women's Club ( your earnings and learnings)

  • Invite the people to join

  • Make sure the promotional material is attractive enough to make people join

  • Post the promotional material on any of your social media.


How to prepare a contest post?

  • Tell us about how you did the promotions

  • Share the link and screenshots of your promotional activity in your post

  • Invite your inactive friends to take part


Contest Rules

  • Resteem this post

  • Must exceed 200 words

  • Use your own original images

  • Follow Steem women club social media accounts!

  • You must share your post in the SteemWomen Club community

  • Your post must be your own

  • nvite your friends

  • Share each post in just one community!

  • Copy and paste are prohibited. Plagiarism will not be accepted

  • Use tags correctly in social media accounts #steemwomenclub, #promotewomenclub # country(example #pakistan)

  • If you don't use the contest tags correctly, we won't be able to see the posts.

  • Submissions with incorrect labels are not accepted.

  • Submissions that do not show the application stages will not be accepted.


Contest Rewards

Award for the 5 most successful promoters.

1- Winner 5 Steem Reward

2- Winner 5 Steem Reward

3- Winner 5 Steem Reward

4- Winner 5 Steem Reward

5- Winner 5 Steem Reward



September 5, 2021 , UTC Time 00:00


Kind Regards,


Contact Me:

Discord (event-horizon#5635) | Telegram (@event-h0riz0n)

Join SteemWomenClub Socials:

Discord | Telegram | Twitter | Instagram | Blog site

 5 months ago 

Great contest dear sister. I support the #promotewomenclub tag.

 5 months ago 

Thank you! Looking forward to great participation from Asian women. :)

 5 months ago 

I will invite Asian women dear sister

 5 months ago 

Very good idea to motivate us to active more and encourage inactive members to show best in @steemwomensclub

 5 months ago 

I'm expecting good promotional activities.

 5 months ago 

Great! Now we will see new and better ideas for steem we men's promotion 👍

 5 months ago 

Hopefully. 😀

 5 months ago 

@event-horizon the discord link is expired can you please update this. I want to join on discord. Thank you.

 5 months ago 


 5 months ago 

Great contest and I love to promote steemit on my social media accounts. I will definitely participate in this contest. Thank you for sharing this with us.

 5 months ago 

Its an amazing idea. By promoting our community to social media. It will give great benefit for all of us. @event-horizon

 5 months ago 

Really a great contest friend @event-horizon. Well I always find the Contest Post Very late but luckily I have enough time to make an entry post for this contest..

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