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Greetings everyone,

After the previous tutorial, I had a good number of feedback from newbies as well as in the comment section which made me dig deeper within the newly updated editor.

Most of these were in relation to the use of markdowns and whether or not certain html markdowns are still working.

The simple answer is YES

Although I also noticed that the changes do not take effect immediately after being written in the editor session, it automatically adjusts after posting.

I am going to utilize these markdowns within this post, whose results would be quite evident after posting.


We can see that the title above is well centered and looks fine but in the html preview and the watch session,it is as if the markdown did not take effect.


Results in the Html Preview

Another user (@titpox) asked if the commands to the align right/left are also working. And the simple answer to this question too is YES.

Similarly, although the preview doesn't show us that the changes have taken place, it is working quite well as seen below.

ALIGN RIGHT - This is a test to show that the align right function is working well. As we can see, the text has been aligned to the left side.
ALIGN LEFT - This is to indicate show that the align left is working quite well. And as we can see, the text has been shifted to the right hand side.

But in the html preview session, we see that the changes have not taken place which is why several users think these markdowns are not working.


What we see in the html preview

It seems to be cut across several markdowns such as justify, image alignment, subscript, subscript, and the insertion of youtube embed code.

For a better understanding of markdowns, visit the achievement 4 post here in the Newcomer's Community.

So at this point, I hope the issue of markdowns not working in the editor have been addressed and that we can all continue steeming happily. I am very optimistic that this will be addressed very soon to remove doubts.

Thank you for your attention.

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Thanks boss

excellent bro, thank you very much

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My pleasure buddy :)

Thank very much we are very happy about your efforts. You are trying keep on keeping on bro

May the most high god richly bless you for your conscious efforts towards the updates of the system

Thanks for your help 💪✊

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