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Greetings everyone,

As we may have noticed already, there has been some changes in the writing session of steemit. I have had some newcomers contacting me about this and I saw it fit to create a tutorial for easy understanding of this new interface.

Upon going through the newly updated writing interface, I have realised that it was made to be more user friendly as most of the markdowns users struggle with have now been provided up top in a simplified manner. This is quite awesome as compared to the previous version which had only title, editor, preview and the tags sessions.


Old writing interface

Now, with the new writing interface, there are several awesome tools which are available at your disposal.


New writing interface

For instance, in case the writing space looks small to you and you prefer more room to type, simple click on unwatch in the tools available.


Click to unwatch and widen the tryping area


Final results

You can always click the watch to view the results of your current work in order to see how your article would look like.

Other useful tools within this same session can be seen below.


  • The html preview is used to view the final work as if it had been posted on steemit.

  • Goto line allows users to locate a specific line in the editor.

  • Search allows you to find specific words in your articles.

  • Clear is used to produce a fresh editor for composing a new article.

Another useful feature is the new markdowns that are available on the toolbar.


These make the insertion of markdowns very easier and is a perfect guide for newcomers struggling to utilize markdowns in their daily writings.

  • Undo & Redo


  • Bold, strikethrough, italics & Blockquotes respectively


  • Representation of various headings in the editor.


  • Tables making have also been made very easy.

Simply indicate the number of rows and columns and your preferred alignment.


  • Link helps to cite sources easily.


  • Reference link helps users to indicate the sources from which they made their research for the written article.


  • Insert images is now on top as well.


I hope this guide can assist steemians in creating a good post and aid in proper utilization of markdowns for a better presentation.

I would be happy to answer any questions in the comment section below. Contributions are also welcome.

Thank you for your attention.

 27 days ago 

Thanks so much buddy! Your tutorials is very useful for us. Most Steemians were finding it difficult to post as the words recurring itself. But I know with this we can now type with ease.

My pleasure 😁

 27 days ago 

Thanks for your kind praises and work too brother. Glad I could help.

I actually like this new one. Everything is simplified.

Thanks sir, I was one of those victims. I did not know how to use it. Now am clear. It is quite easy

Thanks so much. Applying markdowns has been a challenge for most people here I think this new features will make it easy for us to and also help format our text. Thanks for the detailed elaboration

Needed tutorial at the needed time.
It’s very informative
Thank you Sir

 27 days ago 

Glad I could help.

 27 days ago 

What about those ones you didn't talk about? </>....

 27 days ago (edited)

That's the code inline. Allows lines of code to be viewed in posts as seen below. Sorry I missed that.


 27 days ago (edited)

And the < cente r> < /cente r>.... doesn't look to be working if viewed from the preview

I use html in my posts. How do I do that with the new editor or switch back to the old editor?

 27 days ago 

People still look confused about this. Thanks for the elaboration.

 26 days ago 

Glad I could help.

This post is very helpful. Thanks a lot.

Thank you for this, I was so confused when I wrote my post today lol I was like I'm seeing things , what is in my drink lol

 26 days ago 

I think it was just drink, nothing extra

haha :)

this is really a nice post,,, it will take time but we will become use to it

 27 days ago 

I'm quite certain of that.

thanks so much for the tutorials,
please at the reference section what does the name, ID and title mean.

Do the commands to align right or left still work?

Thank you for this tutorial

Thanks for the lecture

 26 days ago 

This is very well elaborated, thanks for the education bro

It so simple and I love it bro , thank you

Nice of you to always making things easier for us on this platform. We're more grateful 👍

 27 days ago 

Thanks for the kind words buddy. Happy to do it :)

We live in the world of new things. We follow the trend. Though it may look confusion for a while I'm very resolute that with time people will internalize the pattern and come to appreciat it. Thank you @njaywan for this self expository tutorial on the new Editor/mark down on steemit.

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