My wife and I are on a little vacation and we have rented a Motorhome for the trip in Norway

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With little access to the internet, some may have missed my response in recent days. But tonight I have access to the internet and will post some pictures from where we are now.
In the background you see several Motorhome that have parked for the night in Tjuvholmen Marina in Hamar, Norway







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Hello friend @xpilar how beautiful is all that over there, it would be great to visit your country. I hope you are enjoying a lot, a well deserved vacation! Greetings!

Thanks @franyeligonzalez

Yes, Norway is beautiful, hope you get the opportunity to visit the country

hai @xpilar

a very beautiful place, you are there now @xpilar, very pleasant, when night falls, the lights of a small boat will illuminate the entire river bank.

I hope you @xpilar and your wife are very happy there, especially at this age, it takes time to do a refreshing or vacation.


Thanks @sultan-aceh

HEHE, we are not young anymore, we notice that the body is not as bouncy as before. This is the first time we use a motorhome and we like it.

It gives a freedom because we do not have to stay in hotels and can be close to the sea and forest. it is simply wonderful :)


I am sure, you will stay at the hotel there
if you sleep by the river, your shoulder will hurt again, in the wind

yes ... living by the sea and forest, is very beautiful

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A beautiful place to enjoy with the sea and the wonderful sky. It's great you take the adventure to drive this home through the roads of Norway! Enjoy a lot!! :)

Thank you @leveuf

wow... Absolutely gorgeous scenes. Enjoy your holidays!

Thank you @quotes-haven

wow. Great to learn that you are enjoying with family. Wish you amazing holiday. Thanks for sharing beautiful pics.

Thank you @kamchore

Nice pictures sir!! I am from India and I've read a lot about Norway. Is it true that in summertime the sun never sets there??

Hi @bobttle

Yes, in Northern Norway summer time North of the Arctic Circle, the summer day lasts for weeks and months, and makes locals and guests happy, energetic and light-hearted.

Look like a great place
have fun

Thank you @erangreen

So beautiful area where you are now.
Stay safe, have a good day

Thank you @nevlu123

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Take care of yourself and kept shariing the picture of his journey. We will be waiting for you good luck friend.

Thank you @ahlawat

Beautiful pics~~~^^

Thank you @dreamb

Have a great holiday @xpliar :)

Stay safe buddy

Thank you @crypto.piotr

How is your trip so far @xpilar? :)

Hope you're having great time buddy

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It really seems to be a perfect place for spending vacations @xpilar. The scenery are much beautiful.Hope you and your are wife enjoying the beauty of nature😊

How extraordinary everything looks and that vehicle is incredible, it must be very comfortable inside, it is good to see that you are in a beautiful and natural place and sharing with your wife, I wish you a great time, I invite you to my blogs so that I give your opinion of my last black pen job that is for the contest of the friend @axeman and has the nswf tag, it would be great to have your support, greetings and success

Wow amigo @xpilar ya se me hacia extraño su silencio todos estos días, pero que maravillosas vacaciones que escenas más únicas, espero usted y su esposa puedan disfrutar al máximo ese experiencia..

Muchas Felicidades

Yes @wilmer1988, we enjoy the holiday trip and drive around in Norway a bit

Hola, que vacaciones mas ricas, esas fotos están muy lindas.

Thank you @gabrielagg


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Wow, trust your are enjoying your holiday woth your family, i can't wait till the time i have family too, you have share very beautiful photography, have fun man




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congratulations @ xpilar that place is beautiful and worthy of enjoying it and sharing it with the family. Keep having fun. Regards.