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RE: My wife and I are on a little vacation and we have rented a Motorhome for the trip in Norway

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hai @xpilar

a very beautiful place, you are there now @xpilar, very pleasant, when night falls, the lights of a small boat will illuminate the entire river bank.

I hope you @xpilar and your wife are very happy there, especially at this age, it takes time to do a refreshing or vacation.



Thanks @sultan-aceh

HEHE, we are not young anymore, we notice that the body is not as bouncy as before. This is the first time we use a motorhome and we like it.

It gives a freedom because we do not have to stay in hotels and can be close to the sea and forest. it is simply wonderful :)


I am sure, you will stay at the hotel there
if you sleep by the river, your shoulder will hurt again, in the wind

yes ... living by the sea and forest, is very beautiful