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Hello my dear Steemians,


Many of you know that recently couple of WOX members and the same time professional Artists who we really appreciate for their time and knowledge that they share for the Steemains by giving the basics of drawing and learning what they should pay attention to if they want to reach good results.

@jorgevandeperre started the posts with delivering the regular lessons and then @fumansiu joined the teaching with his posts highlighting the basics of colours.

These knowledge is valuable and this is only opportunity to learn, try yourself and get a comment from Profi, who can guide you and let you to improve yourself.

As I mentioned we have few Professional Artist and few weeks ago while commenting I asked @arcoiris who is Professional Artist and works most of the time with watercolor to share his tips and maybe to do a tutorial and join our other artists and he agreed. Today I came across his post tutorial and was fascinated to see that he also started the Introduction in the world of watercolour.


Art Professors and WOX Art school


Seeing that I came to an idea that we can unite our Tutors and create WOX Art school and of course our Profis will be our Professors.

Therefore, I would suggest a Title that our Professors will receive:

  • WOX Art Professor
  • new tag for our Professors to post their Tutorials and also the contest submissions for their lessons #woxartschool

Our Professors:



Jorge van de Perre is amazing personality and working with variety of Art mediums, I am a fan of his works and his Art lessons. You can visit his website to see his works too.


He is not only doing posts about how to draw and learn it but also he is happy to give you an assessment for your drawings, therefore, I would like anyone who love drawing and painting to join this great lessons and hear what you can improve to be better



Erik Siu is an a Professional Artist from Maine, USA we know him on Steemit due to his watercolour but also Digital Art works



While on Steemit he started an journey into the world of Colours and Light, that is another area that sometimes challenges young artists. Therefore, I would like to invite you to visit his lessons and also to try yourself there.



*Juan González-Gallego Espinosa is also Professional Artist, he is from Spain he is Watercolour Artist and Illustrator.



He kindly did a post for us "WATERCOLOUR SCHOOL" as the name says this is the basics of working with watercolour medium and this is to learn how to use the liquidity of watercolour to create amazing works. Hopefully we will be seeing more people who will start the journey into World of Watercolour.


I hope you enjoyed my Introduction to WOX Art School and also our Professors. Please visit their blogs and support those wonderful people for their great work for the users on Steemit.



CURATION TRAIL @worldofxpilar




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 2 months ago 

This is a great initiative and it will help many to learn more

That definitely will help many to understand the basics of drawing and maybe wake up the interest of starting their steps in drawing. We will see how far we will go and as always thank you for encouraging words :)

I think this is a great initiative. I have read several of Jorge's tutorials and they are very well thought out, very didactic.

When you decide that the same can be done with photography, I can prepare some tutorials on the subject.

 2 months ago 

Hi @xaviduran
nothing prevents us from opening a photography school))
I've already tried to share some personal experiences here, but I'm not a professional photographer. These were just some tips. If you can organize the material on photography, it will be very good and useful.
Many posts are based on photos and I see that many photos could be much better both from the point of view of shooting and from the point of view of post processing.
You can start with a series of master classes or the way you see the methodology of teaching photography.
Art school and photo school are very interesting for our creative community.

Hi Xavier yes, you are right the tutorials are very good structured and have a lot of thoughtful step by step stages of drawing.

I think, it is great idea to do with Photography, we definitely will create something for this too. I see that Bambuka is already very excited with this idea too :)

Hi @stef1 and @bambuka,

Thank you very much for your warm welcome to my proposal.
The idea of having a teaching section seems great to me, a multitude of activities can be developed, and both teachers and readers can have a small opportunity to evolve. From my experience as a teacher, I can assure you that teaching is also learning.

As for preparing some photography classes, I would need a bit of time, since where I live, Ibiza, is in high season, and we don't have much free time for activities other than "official" work.

It would be interesting to be able to contact you through another channel in order to arrange dates and concepts in this environment, of which you have much more experience than I do.

Discord can be good for communication: xaviduran #1610

Thank you again for your interest, very sincerely.

BTW: https://steemit.com/hive-185836/@xaviduran/going-through-my-analogue-photography-archive-part-i

Well gathering knowledge never ends,for new comers it will be a blessing in disguise and for known artist it will help in polishing there skills.
Thanks to

Thank you @crafter for reading my post and glad that you like our idea :)

Welcome 😊

 last month (edited)

Esto si que es genial, mis niñas participaron en vacaciones del año pasado, para aprender sobre dibujo. Y me gustó muchísimo lo que aprendieron. De verdad genial. Dios quiera que el internet nos ayude.

Manita @avibauza
Nita @hildeg.artte
Tía @hildegartte.

Gracias nota, lo voy a intentar

Se ve interesante, gracias manita.

Dios te bendiga gracias por la invitación.

This is quite a great move but then, what are the requirements to be recognized as a Pro artist within the wox community?

It will depend on our Professors and how the members actively will take part int their tutorials :)

I don't think this answers my question though.

WOw.. great post.. I love the art of @jorgevandeperre.

 2 months ago 

Hi @stefano.massari! Very glad to see you here and thanks for your kind words. Regards.

 2 months ago 

Upvoted! Thank you for supporting witness @jswit.

The world needs talented artists that express beauty with their artwork @stef1 because they are holding a gift that no one will ever take away. 👍

Yes, the word needs beauty and extravagance and that is what real artists can create. I hope with these teachers we will learn much and get better :)

 2 months ago 

Три профессора это уже целая кафедра!
Если нам удастся собрать в WOX профессиональных художников (и фотографов, кстати)), это будет очень сильно. Сообщество со своими школами, такого на блокчейнах вроде пока не было :)

Three professors is already a whole department!
If we manage to gather professional artists (and photographers, by the way) in WOX, it will be very strong. A community with its own schools, there hasn't been such a thing on blockchains yet :)

 2 months ago 

Fab work

Thank you :)

This is an excellent idea. Art is about the basics and details (among other things).

I had no idea that I would learn so much about drawing and photography in pursuit of 3D rendering. And I would never learn any of this unless there was free content from professional and amateur artists.

Thank you for wonderful feedback @fijimermaid, really appreciate it and also I agree that luckily nowadays we can learn more being at home and having an opportunity of Internet. I am also glad that we have the chance to have these wonderful people around us on Steemit :)

It is undoubtedly a great idea. thank you very much for the suggestion to the community

 2 months ago 

Hi, @stef1. Thank you very much, even though I don't like titles, I feel honoured and above all committed because I'm not a teacher and I'm a little embarrassed because I value teaching work very much. I am just part of the chain that shares what it has learned from others.

Hi Jorge, in french a teacher is "professeur". I decided for this title because it is reflect the fact that you are all Professional recognized Artists, I am aware that you are not having an official title but on Steemit everything is possible, I hope you still accept this :)

I really love your open and direct assessment of the members who are taking part in your classes and this is how the real teacher should be. Only knowing our weakness we can correct it and work on them :)

 2 months ago 

Hi @stef1, thankyou very much for your support! Don't worry, there are certain titles like "teacher, professor" or "artist" that I have enormous respect for, which makes me a little embarrassed to show them off. They make me feel excessively flattered.

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