Going through my analogue photography archive. Part I.

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Every once in a while for professional reasons and other times to tidy up and update, I have to go through my digitized archive of analogue photographs, the vast majority of which are slides, of which I can have about 80,000 in the archives at a guess, and of these, scanned, there is only a tiny fraction.

The first thing I come across are the folders organised in alphabetical order and the first one is a work done in Alaska. When I visited that state separate from the rest of the USA, apart from my work for a travel publishing house, I visited a small town in the centre of the state called Talkeetna. The reason for going to a tiny town in the middle of the Alaskan wilderness was that the director and the scriptwriter of a famous TV series called the Northern Lights were living there for three months to get inspiration from the real characters and write the script for the series. I can only say one thing, reality far outweighs fiction, and Talkeetna is proof of that. Apart from being the centre of all the activities in Denali National Park, it is a strange place. There is a train station where no train ever stops, the hairdresser cuts hair in the street when the weather permits, people walk down the street with guns and other things that would make this entry endless, but the most surreal thing is that they made a cat the honorary mayor.

At the end, if you're only there for two days, it's all fun, but I can't imagine having to spend the harsh winter surrounded by characters, each one crazier than the next.

Here is a small sample of the scans I made of the original slides.

The hairdresser cutting hair in the street with her armed client.


The Main Street of Talkeetna.


The air taxi pilot carrying the explorers bagagge.


Nagleys Store, you can find everything there.


Nagleys' tobacconist. Authentic.


The burger stall running by... a mexican.


A girl, almost a child, refueling a van.


The train that never stops at the station.


Unless stated otherwise, all the pictures and the words are mine.
Do not use this image without my written permission.
Thanks for stopping by and taking a look.

Camera: Canon EOS 3 analog
Lens: Canon 17-35 f: 2.8
Scanned by Minolta Dimage Scan Dual
Processed with Capture One

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Как будто фильм какой-то посмотрел!

Indeed it is.
Many thanks for your comment.

Hi Xavier, these are impressive pictures, like in documentary movies, the quality is amazing. No matter what people say but there is always a difference between photography done using a smartphone camera or proper camera. I love the The Main Street of Talkeetna. that is inviting to visit this place.

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Many thanks @stef1 for your comment and support.

Apart the differences between the camera and the smartphone, the film has a 'bouquet' which is difficult to get in digital photography.

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