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Hello my dear Steemians and Art Fans,



Today I wanted to ask everyone who knows “World of Xpilar” Community and enjoys to be a part of it to support the witness candidate @xpilar.witness.

It is almost a coincidence, in Scotland we have Election that is coming on the 6th of May 20, when we are voting for different parties. We have already chosen our candidate as had postal vote.


The right to Vote- choose your future


I think nowadays many who live in Western World and also majority of young people take election not seriously, but when at the end someone is elected who we do not like, then we get upset about that.


Very obvious examples are recent events such as:

  • Famous ex-President of US, who I do not want to call by name. I can’t believe that we finally got rid of him and now it is peace in news and newspapers.
  • Another example we have in UK with Brexit, the result was very tight still those who wanted to leave had majority. What we see now: the fishermen are not happy, the border between Ireland and Northern Ireland is not what is supposed to be. The taxes went up for everything and we need to have passport to travel to and from EU.


Trenner groß.png


Steem Blockchain- Vote for Witness


Witnesses on Steem blockchain were existing from very beginning. I had no idea what is what and why we need to vote for Witnesses.

You all know that Blockchains are decentralised that means it runs by many different servers and not only one. That makes it more difficult to paralyse the work of blockchain and to maintain.

There are many of new Witnesses since the split of old Steem and creation of Hive. Many old witnesses are not existing on Steem but their names are still having some of your votes. Those of you who still have their votes for such inactive accounts you are simply losing your Vote.


@xpilar.witness for Steem Witness


I remember that couple of years ago we asked @xpilar if he would like to run for Witness and remember his answer, that he was too busy and had not time. Actually, already that time I thought that earlier of later it will come to that.

Since last year, it was obvious that Steem blockchain needs real leader, in our opinion that is@xpilar:

  • Who is loyal and with all his heart believes in Steem
  • Who invested a lot of his finance into Steem
  • Who is supporting a lot of projects on Steem with his Upvote, good word and advise
  • Who has no problem to tell the truth and what he thinks even if he receives downvotes and ugly comments
  • Without @xpilar’s community we most likely have left the Blockchain very long ago.


Therefore I wanted to call everyone who knows @xpilar and like what we are doing, please vote for @xpilar.witness. Every single voice counts.


We would really appreciate for all your help!


I would like to call for the Steemit team with @steemcurator01 to support the candidate of @xpilar.witness



@stef1 and @myskye



Trenner groß.png


CURATION TRIAL @worldofxpilar




Trenner groß.png





Great, thank you :)

 3 years ago 


 3 years ago 

I already voted for @xpilar.witness yesterday. I just want to express my support for this post.

A month ago I knew nothing about the election as well as witnesses. Then, I read the story about the dramatic fork. I went to to vote and started checking the list. I was surprised to find that some witnesses were plagiarists, some indifferent to the platform, with no activity on the accounts (and some guys were just inactive).

So it would be good to have more convinced and effective steemians, like @xpilar, in the list of those who support the system and define the future of the platform.

but when at the end someone is elected who we do not like, then we get upset about that

I have been upset for the last 20 years :-) So, yes, better to vote when you have this privilege.

I have been upset for the last 20 years :-) So, yes, better to vote when you have this privilege.

yes........ I totally in the same boat with you, my friend. also supported @xpilar in this campaign.. tho, you should be in the know: only first two dozen positions in that list does matter. I wish further success to your learning curve!

 3 years ago 


you should be in the know: only first two dozen positions

Yes, so the work is still going.) The climb from #39 to 20 is ahead.

I regularly read about Steemit. And I listen too. So thank you


Thank you @datych for your support and agree with you, sometimes it feels that nothing could be changed with our one voice but if everyone thinks like that and will not make a choice then definitely there will be no change. It was indeed dramatic time, luckily Steem survived and even the value of Steem picked up too :)

 3 years ago 

How are you dear friend @ stef1 good afternoon
I have known our friend @xpilar for many years, you have not exaggerated in anything you say in this post.
They undoubtedly have my support and my already formulated vote.
I wish you all an excellent evening

Thank you @jlufer for stopping by and it is nice to see your comment. I am doing well a bit busy lately. I am glad that you also feel the same that @xpilar is doing great job and glad to have you among our supporters :)

Cuenta digna de apoyar. manera de recompensar el apoyo constante en esta comunidad con el arte

Thank you for your opinion and glad you also supporting our witness :)

i was the first voted to this witness

i hope he gets to the top 20 as soon as possible


Hi @steem-supporter thank you for your vote and the same like you hope @xpilar.witness will reach top 20!

 3 years ago 

Yes, I voted for the Xpilar witness... glad to see it happening! And I hope it becomes a top-20 witness in short order... given what @xpilar does for the community, it definitely should be a top 20!

Yes, hopefully we will reach top 20. But unlike in real word on Steem a lot depend of Steem Power of users. That means it is enough to have one "whale" with for example 10 Mio SP, then the witness is already in Top 10 or Top 5. But if you have Mio of Votes from small accounts with minimal SP that is even not enough to reach beyond first 50. Sad, so we will see what will happen :)

 3 years ago 

Thanks for the warm words and good publicity @stef1
Pinned :)

Welcome, it is a pleasure to give your witness account more exposure :)

for a long time I didnt pay attention and not revisited the delegate's page. you persuaded me to do this for Xpilar. done!

 3 years ago (edited)

I did it.
I proud to be member of xpillar community

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