My 2020 Review: Art Gallery in 365 days. Exclusive on Steem

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Hello my dear Steemians and Art Fans,





Today on the last day of 2020 I wanted to invite you into my Gallery of Artworks that I have created exclusively on Steem blockchain.

The same time as every year I wanted to mention the people who I met this year and who we have had more contact this year. The people who supported us @stef1, @myskye and our project @art-venture.

Our success depends much on you, our friends and supporter, only because you are there, we are also here and working hard to keep this Steem platform active.


Art Gallery in 365 days:


Watercolor portrait




Trenner groß.png






Trenner groß.png


Star Wars Saga




Trenner groß.png


World of Children




Trenner groß.png


Pastel portait




Trenner groß.png






Trenner groß.png






Trenner groß.png


First of all, I would like to thank @xpilar for being along our side on Steemit for the last 2 years with his Norwegian Tam: @reflector, @hingsten, @bippe, @bigpower. From simple first comment that I left under @xpilar post it grown up in a strong friendship and our combined goal:




This year @xpilar created “world of xpilar community” and @worldofxpilar trial that is supporting now more than 500 Members as well as outside of community.

I would like to thank the moderators of our community: @axeman, @mister-omortson, @sultan-aceh, @adeljose, @franyeligonzalez, @leveuf for our combined work during this year




Three Power Women: @ciska, @cryptokannon and @chriddi


This year I have learnt three wonderful power women who completely changed my life. They showed themselves as active, engaged women who openly stayed on the side of new Steemit Inc. and @steemitblog. They had no problem openly to express their opinion and actively supported the rest of Steemians who decided to stay on Steemit. I am glad that I have met you all, ladies, this year, that made my life on Steem easy and enjoyable.




The Steemit Team: Eli Powell, @steemitblog and @steemcurator01


This year was year of disintegration of Steem and split into three blockchains, we decided to stay on Steem exclusively. Thank to Eli and the Steemit Team we were lucky to be @steemcurator08 and support Visual Art for 3 months. That was a lot of excitement and great experience. There is a great opportunity now for many clever and engaged people to build up their Steem Power while getting involved in such activities. Even small, newcomers have a chance to develop themselves quickly not like when we started. That is a chance that people should grab.




@veronicalee and @steem-agora


My another friend who I wanted to mention separately is @veronicalee, who is a wonderful Watercolor Artist who does such amazing painting of Korean Architecture and landscape. This year, due to Coronavirus she stayed majority of the year at home, without much contact. Therefore, it was a pleasure for me to be her pen pal.

Separate thank to @steem-agora who supported our @art-venture project with delegation of 10 000 SP and about 1900 Steem sponsored for the contests that we run.




Now back to my friends:


  • @dobartim- romantic poet but the same time was one of the pro- Steem from very beginning
  • @lugina- a mother who full time career of her handsome autistic boy who loves to cook and travel
  • @nainaztengra-is a wonderful personality, who enjoys yoga, meditation, herbal and natural stuff. She shares that everything in her blog
  • The Steemians who are along our side for the last couple of years @armentor, @iansart, @cyclamen, @davidad, @nowargraffitis, @sardrt




My new Steemians friends who I met this year like their blogs

@stephenkendall, @shortsegments, @denmarkguy, @intrepidthinker, @mauromar @fijimermaid


German Community:

@steemchiller, @chriddi, @andyjaypowell, @jeenger @atego, @michelangelo3, @kryptodenno, @elkezaksek


Russian community:

@always1success, @axeman, @mister-omortson, @singa, @cranium, @apnigrich


My old friends from very far North of Norway, Narvik:

@harkar, @karja and @heidimarie


Trenner groß.png


There are many other users who I was in contact this year and I think I would not have enough place for it. Therefore, I would like to apologize if I forgot to mention anyone.

Me and @myskye, hope you enjoyed My Gallery 2020 and hope next year will be more successful for Steemians and will send Steem “to the Moon”




We wish you to stay healthy and that all of us will have better 2021!


Trenner groß.png



CURATION TRIAL @worldofxpilar




Trenner groß.png




Liebe Karly,

nochmal ein frohes Neues!

Ich war tatsächlich drei Tage am Stück nicht online (bestimmt das erste Mal in drei Jahren, LOL) - da hat man echt was aufzuarbeiten... ;-)

Jo. Danke für die Erwähnung unter den drei starken Frauen. Dort kannst du dich umgehend und bedingungslos einreihen!
Schade, sehr schade, dass ich schon lange nichts mehr von @ciska gelesen habe.

Besonders freut mich, dass mir in deiner tollen Galerie jedes Werk bekannt vorkommt. Du hast mich also nicht umsonst als aufmerksame Leserin beschrieben. Nicht immer kommentierend präsent, aber immer präsent... ;-)
Ich vermisse Marius mit seiner kantigen Hutkrempe... ;-)

Auf ein schönes neues Jahr mit vielen Schnittpunkten,
LG Christiane

Art Gallery in 365 days, it's great to see them again.

Thank you for the kind words, wish you a happy new year

 4 months ago 

Hi @xpilar, yes, it is nice to have a review and see what have been done. The sad thing is this year I have done less and that makes me a bit sad. Hope to get more this year.
I wish that this year successful and prosperous for everyone!

Hello there, do you know of any art tutorial you can recommend ? My art skills needs to be improved on 😊

 4 months ago 

There are a lot in youtube for any medium and any styles.

thank you very much for sharing this. I really like most of your art a lot, most especially the star wars category. -from a recent new member

there is one category that I wouldn't have included for myself in there, because I really don't like your artistic take on the subject. but please don't take offense and don't be deterred. this is only my sincere opinion.

keep up the good work in 2021!

 4 months ago 

Hi @william8wayward, thank you for stopping by and I was glad to hear your nice words about my creative year. I love Star Wars and on and off trying to do some of the characters.

Agree with you people like some and do not others. That is the feature of Art to polarize, isn't it?

Happy New Year!

 4 months ago 

Thank you and wishing you Happy New Year too!

Sempre bello leggerti! Buon anno, amica mia!

 4 months ago 

Thank you very much @sardt, I am glad that you visiting my post and of course for your comment. I wish you all the best in New Year!

Очень интересные картины! У тебя год прошёл довольно продуктивно! Спасибо и за упоминание :-)
Я рада, что узнала от тебя много интересного!

Желаю всех земных благ в наступающем году.
Очень признательна и за твои советы и рекомендации в творчестве!

Успехов тебе и новых достижений и в профессии, и в жизни! Привет твоей семье и самые наилучшие пожелания на Новый
2021 год :-)

 4 months ago 

Спасибо большое за пожелания и такую новогоднюю картинку. Сразу вспоминаю мое детство :) Было очень приятно за твою компанию в этом Году. Желаю всем нам Хорошего и Успешного Нового Года!

 4 months ago 

Хорошая подборка)

 4 months ago 

Спасибо, рада что тебе понравилось :)


 4 months ago 

Thank you and I wish you too Happy and Prosperous New Year!

You are so talented @stef1. Your Art work is beautiful. Look forward to seeing more of them in 2021.
Good Luck and Best wishes for a wonderful year ahead 💖

 4 months ago 

Thank you Naina for viewing the summary of my works. I am glad to hear such lovely feedback. Hope this year I will have more time and inspiration for my hobby :)

A really beautiful and unique gallery.

I am happy about the mention, thank you! I wish you all the best for 2021 and enough time for your wonderful hobby.

Hello @stef1… I have chosen your post about “-My 2020 Review: Art Gallery in 365 days. Exclusive on Steem- ”for my daily initiative to retest - vote and comment...

Let's keep working and supporting each other to grow in Steemit.

Excellent compilation, my friend.

It has been an excellent year despite the difficulties.

Happy New Year 2021.

 4 months ago 

Thank you @adeljose. I wish you too successful and properous New Year both in our combined "business" and in your life!