LET US JOIN DONATION for Valentina @tinochka2

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Hello my dear Steemians,

Many of you know us @stef1 with @myskye and know that we have organized many different Donations in the past and if we hear something where we can help we just call the people to join it.

This time while scrolling through #steem tag I stopped on this post and that moved me very much that is why I am doing this post to give more visibility because this is a new account that is created by Ukraine Community on Steem:


Help. Допомога. Помощь

The whole post is about the user Valentina @tinochka2, one of the Ukrainian user and well known to Admins @olesia and @antorv who I assume organized that Call.

I simply copy and paste the content of the post because it is very well written by her friends and I do not want to re-cite it.




Why we should help?

I believe everyone had such situation in their own family, among relatives or friends. Cancer is the most devastating diagnose that at the present not curable and it can affect anyone of us. My father had it when I just turned 18 y.o. and I know how it was for me but I even can not imagine how Valentina is feeling.

Ukrainian nation suffered a lot during this year and for someone who on the top of everything having such diagnosis and undergoing treatment is even more harder.

What you can do?

  • Upvote and Re-steem the post to give more visibility
  • This post was set up 100% payout to Valentina @tinochka2, that means you are not Upvoting @stef1 but you are donating with us to her



Since @stef1 delegated 50% of Steem Power to @Upvu some users stopped following our account, I wonder if then they for the sake of the Donating would visit it and join this Initiative. The same for @steemcurator01 on behalf of the Steemit Team, would you decide to join together with:

-@stef1, @Upvu, of course @xpilar with our Trail and also with all my loyal Followers and help to collect a good Sum to fight Cancer?



CURATION TRAIL @worldofxpilar




Trenner groß.png




Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!! Touched by your sympathy!!!

You are very welcome and sorry was not able to reply yesterday was quite late but appreciate for leaving comments for other users. It was a pleasure to help and this is minimum what we can do to share our sympathy. I wish you very much to get over and fingers crossed for better results.

I could not even think that strangers from other countries would take my misfortune so close to their hearts! LOW BOW TO YOU FOR THIS!!!

Thank you for this @stef1.

Thank you so much for your support during this difficult time for me!!! Touched to the core!!!

I felt that this is the main aim of such blockchains and I love Crowdfunding side of it, to be a BIG family without isolating in a little communities we should be all together. In my opinion, only such actions will attract more people and help to spread the word.

Thank you for joining this Donation :)

Well spoken! 😃👍

Hello @tinochka2

@silviadiez and I want to give you lots of encouragement to get through this moment. From what we have read you are an optimistic person and your attitude is very positive, so we encourage you to continue on this path. Anything, help, words or whatever you need, don't hesitate to pass it on, that's what we're here for.

Thanks also to @stef1 for opening this support thread.

We are really thankful for helping Valentina☀️

Щиро дякую!

Hi Julia,it is a pleasure to help and also it was a great gesture from your side too :)

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Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

As always, great to have you on our side @xpilar!

Thank you very much!!!!! 🤗♥️🇺🇦

Дякую за твою ініціативу, сонечко!

Немає за що, ми ж всі люди. 🤗♥️

Hi Olesia, thank you too for helping your friend :)

Thank you ☺️

Que maravilloso gesto amigo 🤗 que Dios te bendiga grandemente 🙏

¡Gracias desde el fondo de mi corazón!

Thank you, we are glad to be helpful :)

Deseo de todo corazón que muchas personas se iban para ayudar, el cáncer es lo peor que podemos vivir en este sistema, y las ayudas aunque son muchas no alcanzan para todos porque también hay muchas personas con ésta enfermedad, ahora mismo tengo a una amiga muy cercana con cáncer de seno y es muy angustiante, la ayudamos en lo que podemos pero hasta no saber que el cáncer está fuera de su cuerpo nada es suficiente por los altos costos de las medicinas que necesita .

En mis oraciones pediré para que sea mucha la ayuda que reciba Valentina y que pueda vencer ese cáncer .🙏🙏🙏🙏

¡Gracias desde el fondo de mi corazón por sus amables palabras y deseos!

Thank you @mile16 for your supportive words and yes, this is the situation everyone is vulnerable and powerless in from of cancer disease, that is why if we can do something then we should do it, the treatment carries high costs and many can not afford it.

We also hope that this donation will be helpful :)

 last month 

Siempre dispuestos a ayudar querida @Stef1, un gran gesto!!

¡Gracias por tu ayuda!

Thank you Frany, I know that you are always there where any donation or charities organized :)

May the good Lord heal him

Thanks for the wish!

Thank you for your words and hope they come true :)

 last month 

Upvoted! Thank you for supporting witness @jswit.

Es una gran obra, espero pueda mejorar

¡Muchas gracias!

Thank you for your nice words and for being with us :)

Cancer is a deadly disease. The chances of getting rid of it are very low. So it is our human duty to help @tinochka2. I pray to Allah to heal him quickly.

I still hope for the best!)))

May God help you.


I hope that you can get all the support that you need @tinochka2

I am also dealing with my own medical issues next I thank God that at least I am still holding strong. It is really hard when we do not have anyone to help us but steem community is one avenue to find some help.

 last month 

@tinochka2, онкология - это диагноз, но не приговор. В Ваших силах справиться с недугом. Проигрывает тот, кого сковывает страх, стресс.
Надо что-то пересмотреть в своей жизни, в своём к ней отношении.
Держитесь бодро, это помогает от всего.
Желаю Вам выздоровления.

 last month (edited)

Спасибо огромное! Нет у меня ни страха, ни стрессов видимых, и на жизнь я смотрю с оптимизмом!))) И очень надеюсь, что всё будет замечательно!))) А как на самом деле будет - узнаю на днях!)))


im happy to see your kindness you are the legend ;)

i also start to decide steemit witness node 1st time from pakistan its 1st time in steemit history .

to supporting needy peoples

we will be thankful if you visit @stmpak.wit

and vote us for Witness

im happy to see your kindness you are the legend ;)

i also start to decide steemit witness node 1st time from pakistan its 1st time in steemit history .

to supporting needy peoples

we will be thankful if you visit @stmpak.wit

and vote us for Witness

 last month 

I wish from the bottom of my heart that Tinochka recovers soon, thousands of blessings, you are in my prayers. 🙏

Thank you, Moved to tears!!! God bless you!!!

Do get well soon for we are of a good faith💖

 last month 

we can all collaborate, I lived it with my father 5 years ago and it is not easy, every grain counts.

successes and blessings

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

You are right @lanegra2804, in such situation any help plays its role both financial and also mental. THank you for being with us :)

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