Fighting Abuse on Steem: PLAGIARISM and DECEPTION cases

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Hello my dear Steemians and Art Fans,



Today I decided to do this post and show you what we are doing on daily basis. It is not simple curating people and posting our regular posts.

In reality there is a huge work behind the scene that we do on daily basis that take a lot of our time and effort in order to stop Deception and reward content creators.

Recently there are noticeable increase in numbers of Plagiarism posts in our Community “World of Xpilar”. There are many Moderators of our community and we daily going through the posts, making sure that such abusers do not get support and revealed. In order to show how the abusers think and what tricks they use I have decided to put few of them together in this posts.


Using other language and distort the text


As you all know that Korean community is one of the most Steem Power holding and they usually support their users and good content of their users.

That fact attracts many users, who using simple Google-translator in order to translate their texts into Korean and they think that that is enough, that the Whales from Korean community will notice them.




Let’s take this user @emon01199, who opened this account in January 21. His latest posts in Korean, previously he wrote in Bangla and English.




We came across and checked his account because he posted some Artworks in “World of Xpilar” community and because we are curating Art we decided to check it up.

Plagiarism of Texts


First we thought to check his Korean posts, knowing that he is not a native Korean speaker and knowing how bad Google-translator translates from and to Korean Language we just decided to check this post about Flowers:


First we used Google translator and translated in into English and then used Plagiarism checker program, that showed that there are few sources with the same content.



This is a result:





Using such programs the user can us the function to make it unique that will distort text a bit using different wording and create something that sounds different but the meaning is the same like in the quote of Brian Jaques.

We continued checking the next paragraph and found that it is quote of other Author:



The text was so edited that only match was found because of only because of Slaughterhouse-Five wording.



The next Paragraph:



We could find this similarity due to unchanged phrases that match completely and when you read the rest of the text the meaning is the same.



As to the Artworks, he deleted one but left the others in place, we are working on to check the origin of other Artworks.

But there is another user who we would like to mention in this post who also used our community to post Artworks claiming that they are his own.



This user posted some Artworks and looking at them they all have a different we call it Artist signature, every Artist has its own style and it is recognizable, this one posted few drawings but they have nothing in common.

Staring from the first picture we immediately found a match.
The user called his post, how people can lie taking the Benefit for somebody else, claiming that they have done it themselves.




The user has cropped the bottom of work and took the name of the Artist off, but luckily search machine managed to find the match and we see the signature of Author




Original "Zeichnungen Nach Wunsch - Jaroslaw Wiesko






Now there is another work with the signature of other Artist, who can partially read Peter S…. unfortunately the picture is too small to read it and currently was no match found but I doubt that this is the use who did this one.

You can see that at the bottom of the post he put all the names of curation Large accounts, that just says why such people doing so taking the property of others in order to get reward.




This is another drawing but cropped on right side to cut off the name of Artist and we see that it is starting with S…




For us it is enough evidence not to support such users who with lie and deception trying to be seen and earn Steem

We, in “World of Xpilar” daily fighting plagiarism in order to stop such users, it takes hours of each day, therefore, it would be reassuring if the Steemit Team and @steemcurator01 also support such Initiative and support such hard work.




As always, faithfully yours we are Guardians of steem,

@stef1 and @myskye



Trenner groß.png


CURATION TRIAL @worldofxpilar




Trenner groß.png




How difficult is it to give credit to an author, when I take some words or phrases from the internet, I usually place the source from where I take it, but in this case all the text and images are plagiarism.

The search tools did their job well.

Agree, when we use the phrases of someone why not to show where they are coming from. Otherwise normal blogging is just telling our own story, that is simple :)

good job!!!! Taking credit for what's not yours is totally wrong.

Thank you, agree with you completely :)

Importante información... gracias por compartirla

Dear @stef1 this is nice post and i hope @steemcurator01 also support such Initiative: i usually told fellow writers even outside steemit platform simply Keep track of the sources you consult in your research.
Paraphrase or quote from your sources (and add your own ideas).
Credit the original author in an in-text citation and reference list as simple as that

Don’t we all love @steemcurator01 💗lol they are like a shining knight on a dark day 😅😂

Once such people caught and their reputation is ruined it is difficult to gain trust after. That is why it is easy to submit the source nobody will punish for it :)

Es triste ver qué persona sin moral y ética, saquen provecho del trabajo de otros. Felicito @stef1 por su ardua labor, contra el plagio.

Thank you for your supportive words :)

Great detective work @stef1.

Thank you

cc @endingplagiarism

Thank you, I thought it is important to show people what and how we do, it runs smoothly because there are many people behind the scene working hard :)

Excellent, really reading all this post, I feel some joy. In my point of view in steemit everything seems to me very corrupt, people pay to be voted, and so they keep each other, however one, is dedicated to make a post and does not get an upvote, while someone uploads three lines and earns 100 dollars.

Reading here gives me peace of mind and some encouragement, because I have expectations here, I plan to upload my portraits, since I am a digital artist.

Thank you for this work.

Thank you for your feedback, few years ago we had been in the situation when someone stolen our posts and pretended to be owner. I still remember how doe sit feels and we want to prevent that others would have such experience :)

Surely it is something unpleasant, I have no doubt. Honestly thank you for the good work you do

 3 years ago 

Good job, and thank you for being part of the effort to clean up the community. It's such a shame that people don't seem able to just create their own stuff!

That seems to be never ending, especially considering how many we already found :)

 3 years ago 

Great job! Thanks for taking that difficult and non-agreeable but necessary task.

Thank you Jorge for your supportive words and hope we keep working hard :)

 3 years ago (edited)

I got so used to ppl taking my work off google over the years for various things. At this point I only rly kick up if it’s used for advertising. I would actually be super happy if someone used it for advertising as then I could sue and get some money for not having to do the job lol 😅

I think these people do make themselves obvious tbh over time and are quite easy to spot, they wil only make a few quick gains. No one will achieve any real success this way. Having said that I’ve been accused of plagerism a few times in the early days of this platform for my photography.

I can imagine, the old Steemit and how it run. There were many cases when people had to proof and many bad experience :)

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