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Short film, final day.

First day :
Second day :

Hello people of steemit :)

For the 3rd and last day of filming, the appointment was on "La plage des Ondes" in Antibes. Early Sunday :)
We were able to film and photograph the poster.
The scene this time is the recovery by the big sister of the letter from the little brother, sent by the river :) This should make sense if you have followed the previous posts ^^
Feet in the water for the actress, the cameraman and myself for the photos ^^ It was cold at the beginning but very quickly a beautiful day was announced and in the end it was a good time.
In the afternoon it was the filming of the last plan. The big sister who posts a letter back. The mailbox has been modified to match the 50s model :)
I hope you will like the photos and that you were interested in taking a look at the shooting of a short film!
Good day to you and see you soon on steemit :)











And the storyboard :)



PS : you can follow me on Instagram if you want ! Thank you :)

| Nikon D700 + Photoshop + Lightroom |

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 5 months ago 

What a lovely glimpse into behind-the-scenes. Nice photos and the overall mood!!!

 5 months ago 

Thank you :)


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 5 months ago 

Thank you very much :)

Greetings appreciated @quentindeschamps.

I can imagine the story clearly in my head, the images are moving. I would love to be able to read the script.

Your work looks immaculate, perfect. Those details like the mailbox are extremely important. Nothing has escaped you!

Where could we see part of the short film once finished?

Happy day, thanks for sharing your talent and your art with us.

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Best regards.

 5 months ago 

Of course I will post the movie as soon as it's ready :)
Thank you !

Oh, I will be expecting.

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