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Many of you, dear readers, are already familiar with Project.hope community existing here on Steemit (link here) and is quite aware of our history and goals we constantly pursue. We've been around on Steemit for over 3 years and during that time our community had some ups and downs. Within those years - we've tried to build our presence on Steem and HIVE blockchain just to decide to focus on one platform: Steemit itself.

And today we would like to share few basic details about our community, in hope that it would allow us to attract more supporters and delegators.

WHO ARE WE ? And what Project.hope is about?


We're one of thousands communities launched on Steem blockchain. And one of our biggest achievement is the fact that we're consistent. While most communities disappear after a while, PH have managed to be around and for over 3 years. Helping many new users to grow their accounts (as long as they posted on topics related to our community).

I think it is crutial to remind what kind of topics that are close to our hearts:

  • crypto, technology, blockchain, artificial intelligence,
  • economy, business, investing, trading,
  • marketing, psychology, etc.

Those of you who may like to learn in more details about project.hope shall check out links listed below at the end of this post.

WHY are we seeking more delegations?


We would like to be able to support quality content (related to topics listed above) created by more users. Our goal is to be able to upvote more publications posted within Project.hope community. In order to be able to achieve it - we simply need more voting power.
Otherwise we may be limited to currently supported authors.

It is important to point out that we DO NOT sell votes and our moderators are following process of manual curation.

CONSIDER SUPPORTING OUR EFFORTS with small delegation [100% dividents payout]


Perhaps some of you are to busy to carry on with manual curation and are considering delegating part of your STEEM POWER to project, which you will find valuable. While enjoying solid weekly payouts (dividents) being transfered to your wallet?

Hopefully our goals and proven 3 years of existance is enough to convince you that supporting our efforts with small delegation (even as little as 500 SP) is a good idea.

You can do it by using steemworld.org or directly by clicking on link:

We provide all delegators with weekly dividents (100% rewards from manual curation)

Every weekend we're transfering dividents to all delegators. We may not be able to compete with projects selling their votes, but our manual curation does actually bring value to STEEM blockchain.

Currently we're providing all delegators with 100% of received curation rewards (approx 11% APR). Which I believe is still a solid offer worth considering.


If you have any questions then please drop a comment below or join our discord server where @crypto.piotr will greet you and will be there to provide required answers.

RESTEEM if possible

We would obviously appreciate every single resteem. Hopefully it will help us reach wider audience and attract more quality traffic.
Thank you :)



Link to 500 SP delegation: https://steemlogin.com/sign/delegateVestingShares?delegatee=project.hope&vesting_shares=500%20SP

What does it mean to delegate your SP: https://steemit.com/hive-175254/@josevas217/let-s-talk-about-steem-power-delegations

Our community on Steemit: https://steemit.com/trending/hive-175254

Our discord server: https://discord.gg/uWMJTaW

More details about Project.hope: https://steemit.com/hive-175254/@project.hope/project-hope-economy-explained-2021

 7 months ago 

As a community leader and @project.hope founder I would like to say BIG THANKS to everyone who has been supporting our efforts so far.

PH has been "home" for quite a number of people. Right now we're supporting approx 30-40 authors posting on regular basis and our goal is to increase that number.

Hopefully we would be able to attract more delegators, which would allow us to grow as planned.

Cheers, Piotr

We as a community has been around for so many years facing all the storms and surviving the brick bats literally that it seems we have been here forever and in terms of crypto space that sure is a pretty long time and good to see that we survival.
Good to see you take the community forwards dear Piotr

Hello @project.hope @crypto.piotr @josevas217 and team.
Here is my first delegation
I will upgrade it as my account grows.


@Project.HOPE distributes 100% of the curation, and that is something that very few communities offer. I will continue to support these initiatives.

I know that Project Hope is one of the oldest communities on the platform, which speaks of the persistence of its leaders, of its team in general.

I think it is a good opportunity for those who decide to delegate, not only because they will receive a good benefit for supporting the project, but also because they will be supporting many people.

Hello friends, without a doubt Project.Hope is one of the most solid communities on Steemit, and 11% APR is a good offer for those looking to invest their funds and support a project, I will continue to contribute content and support the community. Best regards to all!

I join this initiative, I have delegated 500 SP and I promise to keep growing to help the community.

This is the screenshot of my delegation:

alaiza 500 SP.PNG

Really awesome, as a long time member of this amazing community, i can say that project hope is one of the best communities to learn from the quality contents posted.

In my opinion, project hope needs to have all the support to continue to grow and expand its reach.

When I delegated 500 SP to the project hope I did so with the full conviction that it is a way to allow the project to expand and support more people while receiving the benefit of passive income from that delegation, which is why I will maintain that delegation. Greetings.

Hello friend, I support 100% this initiative, so I will keep my delegation of 6000 steempower. Regards

I have seen the @project.hope community grow from ground level and it is indeed great efforts put in by the founder and moderators of this community to bring it to this level of growth.
I have come across many communities on this platform and I can firmly say that this is one of the communities who plays very fairly and does not distribute votes where there is no value in the content.
Kudos to the team and all the best!

Hello, it is important when it benefits the author, supporting with 100% is encouraging.

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