Announcement of winners || Summary Of The Contest "If I was given the opportunity to hold the Steemcurator01 account what kind of post will I curate" || Organised by @prolee

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Hola Steemians

You're all welcome to the post announcing the winners of the last contest conducted here in the community.


Last week I organized a contest giving us the chance to express ourselves openly in the case of controlling the 01 account.

I must say this week contest was so interesting, several persons came out with their point to showcase and all the points given are all good and meaningful since it'll boost the curating rate in a better way and good direction.


Winners Of The Contest


Without wasting much time I'll run down to listing out the participants before showing us the winners. The Participants (those that met up to the requirements) are;


The above persons did well in participating and sharing wonderful ideas. Out of the numerous participants we had winners which I'll be selecting out here.

UsernamePositionPrizePost link
@pius121st7 Steem
@ladyofpolicy2nd5 Steem
@janindu3rd3 Steem

The above persons where selected majorly based on;

• Content Arrangement (the right use of Markdown Styles)
• Precise language (writing with less grammatical errors)

All the participants did well in throwing good points to the extent I was finding it difficult to choose out the Winners but in every competition there must be winners, one way or the other.

But because all the participants did well, I'll be sending 1 steem each to those person that were not mentioned as winners

Proof Of Payment


I've done well in distributing the prizes wisely. A big thanks to y'all for participating. We win more.


Regards and appreciation to my good friend, @xpilar and adeljose for support




I'm glad to be among the winners, thank you @prolee, congrats to us all😊

Like I do say Creativity goes home with the prize. You'll keep winning only if you keep grinding with creativity.

Thank you @prolee for organizing this exciting contest! I enjoyed it a lot.

You're welcome friend. It'll be nice to see more of your content.
Keep steeming..,😊


Thank you 😄

Thanks for participating friend. I'll be expecting more of your entries. Kudos for your job.
Keep posting good contents.

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Thanks for the support.

Gracias @prolee

You're welcome friend. ..
Do well to keep improving, you're a good man. Thanks for participating

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