Evening walk by the river during sunset.

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The weather has been very unpredictable and changing suddenly during the past week. From sudden drop of almost 20 degree Celsius in one night. We all felt the ‘freezing’ temperature. Suddenly it reminded me of central heating system in houses in England! We don’t have heating system, only air conditioning systems for tropical weather.


The weather has been too dry for the past month and we really needed some rain. I have been praying for some rain which would make all the trees very happy.


At least we could still go for evening walk along the river to enjoy the sunset mood of the day. Sometimes the sunsets were so vigorous and colourful. Some evening the sunset seemed very gentle and calming as if the sun wanted to have a break from being active all the time.


I have never walked along the river during a rain storm. Perhaps I should try walking in the rain some time; but if the wind was too strong the condition might be too risky. Local people are afraid of strong wind and lightning during rain storms. There are news about people and cows being hit by lightning in rainy season.


Last year, a big tall tree was brought down by extremely windy condition. This tree saved other smaller trees and the roof of the storage room. The roots were partially pulled up so we had to trim all the branches. To my surprise, this tree survived and began to grow new branches. It’s good to have tall trees as wind breakers around the house.


The gentle sunset helped to calm me down and gave me more energy to carry on with survival. My mind reflected on various things during the walk and my thoughts kept floating up in my mind. Thus have me a chance to look at this unfinished issues and let them end by themselves.


I should be doing more reflection and meditation as so my mind continues to acknowledge negative events around the globe. So much distressing vibes float in the ether. The future doesn’t seem to bode cheerful prospect; I should get prepared for big changes some time thus year. I do hope the river guardians would look after us as always.


Have a nice day!

Take care.


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