Ishketch Art Blog #2 - "The Random Girl With The Curly Hair"

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Hello Steemians! Today is another day for my "Ishketch Art Blog" so five days ago I started to do this Art Blog thing for my come back here at steemit platform you can check my first Art Blog here Ishketch Art Blog #1- "Badjao Bros"

Now I will share to you guys my sketch work of a random girl with the curly hairs that I see on the news feed of my facebook account. I do really love girls with short hair and curly hair that's why I chose her to sketch.

"The Random Girl With The Curly Hair"


Materials Used

Sketch Pad
Mechanical Pencil (0.05)
Cotton Buds

Proof and Process



As you see I used the orange mechanical pencil, this pencil was for the the outline and guidelines for sketching. It has a thin output of lines and textures.



I used cotton buds to smudge the rendering lines to have a smooth skin tone.



And for the blue mechanical pencil I used this for adding up the details and to darken the outlines and guidelines.


Done! As you can see I have two mechanical pencil one for the light sketching for the outline and guidelines and one for darken the details and outlines.

I also used cotton buds to have a smooth skin tone.

I hope you aslo loved and liked my second Art Blog

so stay tune for more art blog here at


I also would like to thank @xpilar and @art-venture for supporting artistic people like me to showcase their talent in the community of WORLD OF PIXAR here in Steemit Platform

Thank you so much!

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Beautifully sketched! I like the hair lines but I love her eyes on the direction sideways...

Beautiful as you po ate jurich :D thank you po ^_^

Hello ate met! haha salamat po :D god bless you more po.

Wow! Frustration ko po talaga ang pag sketch. Ang ganda po. 😔

Hello po ate judee thank you po. Kaya mo din po yan practice lang :D


Good job.Great work of art.keep posting @ishan. Galing talaga👍

Hello po ate reg. Thank you so much po ^_^

Hola y saludos.

Me encanto tu dibujo, esta increible.

Hola Avi!
Thank you so much for appreciating my work. Please keep safe. <3

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Thank you xpilar for choosing my art blog. more power to World of Xpilar community.

Hola @ishanvirtue, me gusto mucho tu dibujo has hecho un buen uso de la técnica de el grafito, sabiendo maniobrar así sus sombras (actualmente a mi se me hace un poco complicado, puesto que no tengo mucha experiencia, jeje), muy bueno que pusieras el paso a paso. Le pusiste mucho esfuerzo y te esmeraste en el dibujo, de lo cual obtuviste un dibujo genial. Felicitaciones, sigue así.



Wow! thank you so much for your wonderful word, muchly appreciated.
please keep safe and god bless you.

Yes, I will stay safe, I wish you to stay safe too, Amen and God bless you. (:

Si, me mantendré a salvo, deseo que tu también te mantengas a salvo, Amén y que dios te bendiga.(:

Maraming salamat sa support bro ^_^

Looks real though. ❤️

Thank you po boss madam Fycee ^_^

ang galing.. sana all...

Hahah salamat po ate jean. sana all din magaling sa maraming bagay. :P

Ito po ang iyong Steemit Philippines Animated GIF Footer.

Please include sa post ninyo si baa.steemit bilang credits. Salamat po.


Idol na talaga kita bro. Pa guhit ako sayo minsan hehe. Thanks for sharing your gifts and talents bro in this platform

Sure bro. Thank you also for sharing your blessings and positivity to other people.

Thanks much bro for the willingness to share your talent and gifts bro. Will be sending you a pic soonest.