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Thank you so much @xpilar and World of Xpilar community for supporting artistic and talented people just like me. More power to the both of us. and please keep safe. ^_^

Congrats bro.

Thank you so much bro for nominating me. bless us all

Wow! Ka talented, gifted hands! Nice story of Badjaos, infornative. Sikat na si Badjao Girl.

hahah yes po ate jurich sikat na po at sobrang ganda niya na po. maraming salamat po ^_^

Baka maging jowa mo

Keep it up. Galing

Salamat po nanay deevi. ^_^

Welcome and I hope they will notice your post . keep posting , be consistent. That's how much #steemcurator wanted in this community.

Gandang mga guhit mo bro..

Thank you so much bro ^_^

Super nice one bro. Galing galing talaga. Continue sharing your talent bro.

Welcome always bro

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