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RE: This is the second time @aceh-team and I are disappointed that a member uses his steempower to delegate to others for his own gain after becoming a dolphin in our program in the WOX community

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Now I understand the meaning of scum expressed by a friend who I consider like my family in this community hi @diary-macro. And now I have seen it with my own eyes. I have now felt the meaning of bastard, the meaning of traitor. It's true what @diary-macro said. But I don't know who the words "Bastard" and "Traitor" are for.

To @xpilar. Very disappointing for those of you who saw what happened. But it's a shame you don't feel what you can't see. What happened to this beloved @aceh-team family.

What caused the members one by one to leave the @aceh team with disappointment that no one else could feel.

Who can feel everything. Only those who are silent with a thousand languages. That figurative smile is only felt by those who care about their families.

Greetings @grisaia-steem from the @aceh-team family.


Thank you very much my friend, I'm glad you can understand this situation, you must know about the aceh-team, why do they come out one by one.
I've had it for almost 1 year.

Now I have experienced what caused friends to leave @aceh-team. It's a shame that some people took advantage of this, some people have lit the fire that makes the comfort have been lost. The comfort and warmth in this family has now disappeared.

Now the warmth of the big family of @aceh-team has been felt. Those who used to work together, help each other, are now blaming each other. It's a shame that the @aceh-team I know is no longer what I felt before.

many of the members who left with hidden reasons and true as you said mate. everything that happens there is something that is not known. By the way, thank you very much mate.

thanks again friend

thanks again friend

It's very true what you said, @grisaia-steem, a lot of things happened in this beloved aceh-team family, and the reason why I from the @skil-photography account resigned from this steemit platform, especially me from a local member of the aceh-team, because for me it's not there is a sense of respect for other people here, and the directions I have heard so far are just nonsense, I hope the WORLD OF XPILAR community leader @xpilar can solve this problem, and can find out what has happened in local aceh-team, why what was initially fine could turn out to be like this. And I am very grateful to @xpilar for accepting me in this community some time ago. And one more thing, maybe for me those who left the local aceh-team because they experienced something similar. the same as I feel, only disappointment and nonsense that has been obtained so far.

I apologize to everyone if any of my words hurt you, greetings from @skil-photography

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