Photography : Trail of Moinhos da Ribeira Funda

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Hey everoyone! Hope you all had a good weekend

Today's picture was taken in a trail called Moinhas da Ribeira Funda


Gear used

Sony A7 IISony Lens Kit (34-77mm)

This trail is a circular route and it is located on a small village from my island. It extends to about 3km and it will take 2h to do it without stops. It took me about 3h30m to complete since I did alot of stops.

This trail makes you walk around some of the cliffs of the island, where you end up reaching places like this :) it's personally one of my favorite places to take photos , especially when the sky is dark, it gives such a dramatic picture !

When you come are at half course you will get a diferent image, you will visit places where old farmers still work on daily basis.

The man that's how on the picture I had a small talk with him and everyday he walks 1,5km of this trail to do some of his farm work, has you can see , he has to also walk around the rock section to get to where he wants.

Thank you for reading my post! Cheers!


What an awesome pair of pictures! You handle that Sony really well. Would you mind checking out the pictures on my blog too and giving me some feedback? Thank you! Btw, these two definitely deserve their upvote ;-)

 last month 

Thank you! Ever since I got this mirrorless camera i instantly got in love with it and it just fits so well for me, i love it in every aspect :)
And I just checked and gave some feedback, you have some interesting work! Thank you!

Thank you for your time. I'm also thinking on doing some more mirrorless work in the coming months. It just works way better for the macro-animal-photography.

Excellent photos

Thank you @drephillip

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Thank you very much for the support @worldofxpilar :)

 last month 

My friend @drephillip is a good start to the program :)

Successful composition and color, great photos!

A little advice on post design. Leave a blank line between the photo and the text.

 last month 

Thank you for all the support my friend @bambuka :)
Now that I look at the post the second picture does need space for breathing, thank you for the tip :)

I really fell in love with the view on the first photo, I feel like it's a such a good place to capture moody photo, blue light, golden and sunset, maybe even try to capture a long exposure of milky way, I feel this place can have so many types of views

 last month 

Exposure too long can blur the stars, leaving a trace at the bottom.
I think the ideal solution would be to use a wide open aperture.
True, for a landscape there will be a drop in the depth of field. Raising the ISO to a reasonable limit is possible ...

There is something to break your head over :D

 last month 

I agree, the lowest aperture lens I got for that is the cheaper 50mm lens from Sony, with f/1.8 , I managed to do some shots on other places with an exposure of 12-15 seconds. Today I received a new lens ,24mm-240mm , very versatile Sony lens but the mininum aperture is 3.5 . How do you think that would work on a night photo? I hope to one day get an oportunity to visit the icelands and get a chance to shot the northern lights on a wide view :)

 last month 

50 f / 1.8 is a good lens for night photography. It is not as wide as 24-240, but it is lighter in color.
Unfortunately lenses for sony are quite expensive.
Your camera allows you to change lenses. You can choose a light wide-angle manual lens. For landscapes, autofocus is not very important, but the price can be budget
24-240 3.5 will require long exposures at night. On the other hand, if we are to shoot a landscape, then the aperture is still covered up to 10-16 even at night. This is not very good for starry sky photography, but terrestrial pictures will be quite interesting.
Congratulations on your new lens, good purchase!
We are waiting for beautiful photos from you:))

 last month 

Thank you for the insight friend :) Will do a test drive this weekend :)

extraordinary very beautiful sightings

Great use of the natural contours in the land, creating the linear perspective leading the eye up the creek and down the ravine. Love the moody sky.

Nice light-weight camera for hiking. One of the people in my photo club has that camera. Look forward to more.

 last month 

Thank you very much! I just love how a moody sky can make a landscape photography so interesting.

Yes the camera is very light to carry, even with all the equipment on my bag I can do a 3h trail and finish without feeling pain in my back (maybe because I'm used to carry a 20kg air cylinder to a boat before dive).

Will keep posting ! :)

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