On having competence and not just these experiences from religions with believing in God!

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We must have competence, and we cannot go away from it, while doing things in stupid ways. And we must have long education and research background, and we cannot speak away this fact, since statements can be billions of times in various ways, and we are just choosing some variants, and this is true for the ministers, prime ministers, vice presidents and presidents.

We cannot just claim statements with no consequences, and we are often away from each other with long time no see. And we cannot just go away from theories and methods and data, and we should not just say things. There are many teachers that are not publishing in international forums, and we cannot just live the life by justing talking, and there should always be much literature and much competence behind what we are doing. And courses should be of all kinds, and we should think in the depth and width. And we cannot accept all things, since we should use professor Shelby Hunt, and his theory- and research evaluation, and there should be reliable concepts and measures, and we should put validity on the research we are doing. And all things are about seeing, measuring things, and using theories to understand things.

There are too many world champions, also in the business life. And sale is always about giving a message, and you should give messages that produce enough sale, and the more sale one is producing the more sensible we are as a seller, and we should use value creation and making the sales revenues so high as possible while holding the costs on an acceptable way.

The most possibilities we are getting when acquiring knowledges, and we cannot just mess, and we should be structured when giving a clear message. But sometimes, we are doing things in unstructured ways, and we should also use this way of thinking in sciences. And people can tell you things, and there can be a history behind statements, and this is just how the history has ever been with different persons that have been living, and we should not talk nonsense too much, and we do not get credibility in research environments unless we are clear and structured. And different doctor studies are not good enough when coming to theory and research evaluation, and that is because studies are ranked in different ways different places. And we should not just think about such and such, and we do not need to meet as many as possible, since humans are just variants of thinking, feeling and acting. And we should be cynical and skeptical with everything, and we should not think that any contribution is good enough unless it is tried in the most challenging environments, and the best universities in the world. There is enough competition around in the world, and there are ranking in regards on how the schools are, and no school in Norway is ranked among the best 100 universities in the world. And all things begin with mysteries, and they end with politics, and there is much counting, and many studies with giving numbers and percent. And we should find jobs where we can use our competence, and we should giving sensible messages, and good enough messages to master the organization in question as good as possible.

The problems in the religions are that people think that all things can be explained by using the religions with their beliefs, and without beliefs the religions are empty, and we can think about why there are children, and where the reality is coming from. So, there can be a God. But we should use this thinking in the church, and in business life there should be competence of different kinds. And the religions should explain the universe and the earth, and therefore people are as they are. But we need the best heads with doing different works! And there are many good core values in the religions, and we should remember the dead people.

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