Happy New Year From Curator Cat! And Welcome to the First Caturday of 2021!

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Greetings Felines and Hoomans of Steemlandia!

Just a quick check-in to wish everyone a very Happy New Year... and to observe (last minute!) the first Caturday of 2021!

Me, as a tiny kitten! Notice the stripes... ALL cats are striped, even solid black ones!

We had a quiet evening at the Curator Cat household... and since it was very wet, windy and cold outside, we pretty much didn't see or hear any firework around our neighborhood, either. There were no "official" fireworks in our local town, either since there's a fairly tight stay-at-home mandate in place.

Of course, we cats do tend to prefer peace and quiet, and I have never been a big fan of all the banging and popping and explosions we have had in years gone by.

Napping in the Mom-Hoomans' office

It's always important for pet owners to remember that their furry friends are not nearly as enthusiastic about noise and flashes of light as Hoomans!

Anyway, things went by very quietly here, and now I am starting to look forward to a new year filled with good naps, sunshine and kitty treats!

In the meantime, I am also setting myself very small goals for the new year for this blog... I just want to see if I can reach 1,500SP by the end of the year. I'm starting the year at 915.00, so I have a long way to go.

Naps are cool!

Just for the Record

Just because it would be nice to have something to refer back to, this was my starting point for 2021:

916.584 Steem Power
62.091 Reputation
330 top level posts

I look forward to sharing many more cat pictures in 2021, and hopefully to engaging with many fellow cat lovers!

Thanks for looking, and have an awesome rest of your weekend!


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 7 months ago 

Hi @curatorcat, it is nice to see you in @xpilar community and to see new cute photographs.

Our community is included into Community Support program and we can submit the posts for upvote by @booming accounts. One of the condition is Steem exclusive and not cross posting on other platform. We daily searching through the community blog. More info in this post:


Hello @stef1, and thank you for the information!

Normally, I would post in one of the cat communities, but I am looking for something new because those communities all seem to be more or less dead. The Xpilar community seems like one of the few truly global communities that's very active, so I thought I would try. All my posts are unique.


Very lovely!!!

Thank you!